Hello there - Welcome to the world of Cajame Creations

I'm Jan, from Southampton UK, and I'm delighted you've found me.

I really hope you find something you enjoy. You'll find this blog is centred around sewing; with a mix of humour, photography, craft, and life in general thrown in for a bit of variety. If you like what you see, why not follow my blog?   I update most days, and try to keep it as interesting as possible. As for comments.... I'd love to hear from you.

Sewing my way through life one stitch at a time

What can I tell you about myself?  I'm a caffeine fuelled fabric geek with typing tendancies, and a fetish for photography. I dream in fabric, creating my own unique Cajame Creations, and sometimes even get around to making some to sell.  Everything I make is my own design and unique, as I never make exactly the same thing twice.

In case you're wondering about the Cajame bit....   I'm from Cornwall, my surname is May - and Cajame is a combination of Daisy and May in Cornish.

With an abiltity to devour books, chocolate and wine in immense quantities.... I'm something of an aging rock-chick and can often be found with red or cerise streaks in my hair. I'm no follower of fashion, preferring my own little mix of boho and vintage.   A self-crowned car-boot sale queen, and Charity-shop diva - I'm always on the look out for vintage fabrics that I can re-purpose with a new lease of life.  I love a laugh, and have a quirky sense of humour. Though an old-fashioned girl at heart, with a true sense of decency and morals - I have every intention of growing old as disgracefully as possible.

Happily married with 5 children between us, two dogs and a cat. A big fan of cooking, baking, and cuddling up on the sofa to watch a movie. Sewing is my passion, in all forms. Be it quilting, dress-making, embroidery - I love it all.