Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Winter Warmer Infinity Scarf

The weather has most definitely got chillier in the last few weeks.  Our Indian Summer has finally come to an end.  I found this lovely variegated yarn at the Stitch and Knit show at Alexandra Palace last month.
It's 100% wool, and was a great bargain - only £3.50 per 100g ball.  This scarf used two balls.

I didn't have a pattern, just knew I wanted an infinity scarf, in a pattern that would work up quickly.  I guessed I had cast on enough stitches.   Likewise, I hoped a 6mm hook would be suitable.  Luckily it's turned out fine.  Just right to wrap around twice, and deep enough to wear as a hood without leaving the back of my head freezing.
The yarn I used was a chunky weight.  If you would like to make one for yourself, it was super quick to do.  Finished it in 3 evenings, with no concentration necessary..... easy to do whilst watching the television.  

If anyone would like to crochet one themselves, it's very simple to do - great as a beginner project.

Winter Warmer Infinity Scarf

Requirements     200g of chunky type yarn. (wool will be warmest)     6mm crochet hook.

Cast on 200 stitches.  Join with slip stitch to beginning stitch to make a round.
Then simply work rows in treble* stitches.  Begin by working 4 chains (1st treble), miss a stitch, then work a treble into the next stitch.  Then work 1 chain, miss a stitch, treble into the next stitch.  

Continue until you reach the last two stitches in the round.  After working 1 chain, slip stitch into the first 4 chain treble you made, by putting hook through into the 3rd stitch, then slip stitching together.  Work 4 chains and continue until the scarf is the required width.

I used the whole 2 balls of yarn, and my finished scarf is 13.5 inches / 35cm deep.  It would have been fine narrower, but I wanted the extra depth to be able to wear it as a hood.  

*This is UK treble stitch - stitches vary from US to UK, all the same - but the same stitch has a different name.  If in doubt, check online.