Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mermaid Musings

unknown source
I did say I had a hunch about another couple of trends that may be forthcoming.  I have a feeling that it's about time mermaids came to the fore.  Folklore and legend combine in a dream of an artist's subject.  I'm not thinking Aerial type creatures, I'm thinking sultry, glamorous beauty.

I've hand-picked a few favourites to showcase:-

unknown source
What a stunning photograph!  I wish I could find the source, but sadly I can't link back to find out.
Isn't it lovely?  It looks to me as though the model has been body-painted - with what looks very much like a real fish tail added on.  It's a fabulous piece of art by a very talented photographer.

unknown source

Another fabulous photograph.  How wonderful is this?  The colours in the mermaid tale are so beautiful.  Oh to dive into lusciously warm water and swim!  It looks divine.  Yet again, I am unable to find the source.  Such a shame, as I would love to see the photographers other work.

source - NYGN
Finally!  I've found one I can trace back.  A crafty little mermaid this one, found on the Not your Grandmother's Needlepoint blog.  It looks like a tapestry background, with the hair crafted from a type of ribbon that holds it's shape.  I think it's rather stylish, and I love the addition of the little starfish and sea-horse.

The Mermaid By Sybile by ~LadySybile
This is one of my favourite mermaid images.  I love the dreamy quality of this artwork, and the muted colours.  I can't find a web-page to link to, but I do have a name, should anyone wish to explore further.


I will end with this beautiful picture.  Three alluring mermaids perching on a rock.  I love the colouring, and the sky is wonderful.  I've found the source - it's a Pirates of the Caribbean website, but it doesn't show who the artist is.

So I've now got lots of mermaid images as inspiration.  If you'd like to see some more, pop over to my Mermaid Musings board on Pinterest.

As far as "makes" go, I'm thinking either a wall-hanging for the bathroom, or perhaps a smaller embroidery.  We'll see!

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  1. Thank you for this. My sister absolutely adores mermaids so I showed her your blog post.


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