Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Vintage Inspiration

I adore vintage photography and artwork - and grab images to keep whenever I see something I like. Thinking along the lines of "I can do something with that one day" - the collection continues to grow.

Why do I love vintage so much? I delight in the charm of the old photography - the faded out delight that is sepia - and the naive pretty colours on old images that were hand coloured before printing. I love the harking back to another era - the clothes, the hair, the apparent gentleness. Most of all - I love the fact that any image over 75 years old is deemed to be royalty free - and is therefore free to use for any project, without the fear of being nabbed for copyright infringement.

Vintage images can be found anywhere! I can spend ages rooting through old postcards in antique and bric a brac shops. They are so cheap to buy, and I think they are simply darling. Some are just perfect to pop inside a frame for instant artwork - and others cry out to be scanned in and re-sized to be using in a sewing project. My French Boudoir Pillow was created from such postcards, along with vintage text sourced from The Graphics Fairy. If you're not already following this amazing source of all things vintage - do add it to your list. It's a must have site for vintage loveliness. 

For adding to sewing projects they are a boon.....  Since I've discovered the possibilities of printing onto fabric using speciality papers - there's no stopping the creativity (to add - I do need to start first though!)  Check out Crafty Computer Paper to see what's available.  their orders arrive really quickly.  Personally, I'm not keen on the Pabric option, as it is quite stiff and I find it un-sew-friendly unless very careful.  The washable cotton and canvas are a delight to work with.  If you intend trying for the first time - I suggest printing a test run on paper first to ensure you are perfectly happy with the result, as the sheets are relatively pricey and you don't want to waste them.  I find though, that with careful spacing - you can fit an awful lot onto one page of magical printable fabricable loveliness!

Today I've found some wonderful new pretties on Pinterest to add to my vintage page. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as I've also got a huge collection on my computer. Shall I share a few of my current favourites........

This little girl is adorable - and the colours are so gentle and pretty. 
Would look delightful included in a pillow or quilt.

Though I deplore the colours in this fashion artwork, I think the simplicity would lend itself beautifully to a fabric collage/stitchery combo.

These two are simply darling.  Sorry little doggy, but I'm afraid you would be cropped out to concentrate on the "look".  Lovely for anything Valentine themed.

What sewing enthusiast couldn't love this image?  I would like this one straight into a frame or onto a small canvas.  Hmmm - I have a couple of sheets left - must check out the size of the image to see if it's a possibility!

Love, love, love the glamour this gorgeous sepia image invokes. 
Imagine - in a vintage silver frame on the dressing table.  Perfect.
Have another vision of a slightly transparent version placed onto an old worn out mirror for shabby chic loveliness.  (and yes, if you're wondering, transparent film makes this a feasible option).

Dear beautiful lady - I want to make you into a stitchery (and pray my figure morphs overnight into something like...... wouldn't that be grand?)

My final offering is this stunning image.  So Arts and Crafts and simply beautiful.
I adore it.
After a pleasant interlude delving into the past, I am now rather inspired to make some more vintage themed whatevers!  Quite how I incorporate them into my now modern home remains a mystery - but one I'm determined to solve.
I do hope you too have been inspired to start your own vintage collection - and if you've made something, please share with me - I love to see new makes.

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