Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sketching with Thread

Happy New Year everyone!

Oh my goodness - I can't believe how long it's been since I last blogged.  Darned house move - it hasn't half stopped my craftiness in it's tracks.  Good news though - I'm now moved, and very nearly sorted.  Best of all - my sewing room is up and running - and mine, all mine!

Yesterday was the first time I have had time to call my own.  I stood in the middle of my sewing room wondering what to do.  I've pulled out a selection of fabrics to make a bed-runner to match my new bedding.  But... before I started cutting into it, I noticed one of the birds on the pillowcase.  So....
instead I have started a stitchery.  I can't call it embroidery - as it is nothing like!  Embroidery needs to be neat and precise.  I have neither the time nor patience required.  I am to embroidery what a 5 year old with a packet of crayons is to Fine Art.  Still - I like to dabble.

I've sketched the bird lightly onto plain fabric with a hard pencil, and am now scribbling in with tiny stitches.  All delightfully random - but as the colour is being added, it seems to be working - definitely from a distance anyway!

I'm aiming to make it the centre of a cushion top to match the bedding.  (Thank you Matthew Williamson, and your Butterfly Dreams collection - I love it).    Since I started yesterday and took this photo, I've moved onto a third colour, and I'm beginning to like it.

Time to stop typing and pick up my needle!  Another 5 minutes at least to thread the blooming thing!

(note to self - you really must get that new prescription out and go and order your new glasses).

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