Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Puffed up Feathers Pillow

I've got there in the end!  One puffy pillow already for the bed.
The puffs were easy to do - and a good trial run for my next project of a bed runner to match.  I actually think the pillow would look better if it was all puffs, but hey - ho - you make and learn.
Here's what I did......

Fabrics collected together.  The finished pillow is 14 inches square. 
Allowing 1/4 inch seams - I cut the centre embroidery at 7.5 inches.
Then 12 different squares of 5 inches each (top)
12 squares of 4 inches (back) cut from old white shirt.

There's no need to tack.  Though pins are a must.
Begin by folding each top square in half (wrong sides together)
and run over with an iron at the edges.
Match up the corners with a backing square.

Pinch fold in centre, and fold down flat against the backing square. 
Pin in place, and continue around, bending each fold the same way.

All squares pinned, placed, and ready to sew.

To join squares together, I carefully unpinned the edges -
pinning them with right sides together.  Stitch.

I joined 2 each for the sides, and then the top and bottom row

then joined sides to centre, and top and bottom.
I included lace simply so that it will match another pillow in a different style.

Time to put the pins away me thinks!
Next, as the back won't be seen.... (and being very careful)

Make a slit in the back of each square.

Stuff (don't overstuff - this was my big mistake -
made it very difficult indeed to finish)

Sew each hole shut.  No need to be precious, it will all be hidden.
Simply stopping the stuffing from escaping.
I finished by cutting a 14.5 inch square from the shirt, and sewed around the edges -
just inside the 1/4 inch seam line. 
Neatly covers all seams and the raggy embroidery back.

Sewing Tip number 1 - always leave WIP upside down,
as you will come back moments later and find it claimed.

The finished pillow.
It would have been a whole lot quicker to finish, had I not overstuffed the puffs.  I really made it difficult for myself to join the envelope back and bind.  It was such a fight to do, that in retrospect, I should have unpicked the holes and pulled some stuffing out. 
 I is a numpty.  

For the back I have used a 14.5 inch width of polka dot fabric.
I've folded each piece in half to give more structure to the pillow.
Cut to length at roughly 2/3rds of the pillow, for overlap.
I finished the edge with a strip of aqua left over from cutting the front,
and a small band of blue ribbon (barely seen in photo).
For the binding, I cut two inch strips of fabric.
Joined on the diagonal, and pressed in half.
This binding is not my finest - as it was so blooming tricky -
but, I'm pretty good at it usually. 
For instructions on how to bind properly - see my tutorials
I think I'm quite pleased with it.  Not really feeling the love as yet, as it's been such a bitch to finish off.  Hopefully it will grow on me.

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