Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ode to AccuQuilt

Oh AccuQuilt I need thee, for my back is killing me....
an afternoon of cutting - and I'm sending you a plea!
I've entered every giveaway, alas to no avail -
So desperately I send this rhyme and tell my hopeful tale.
I cut with skill, I cut with care - and yet it goes awry...
the ruler slips, the cutter veers - it makes me want to cry.
I waste such precious sewing hours, and strive for sliced perfection.
An AccuQuilt would help attack my massive fabricollection.
Oh AccuQuilt please rescue me - from cutting fabric hell,
I need some magic gadgetry (the likes of which you sell).
My husband shirks my buying need.  So sadly I'm unable....
Though I sew a lot, I blog a lot - with perfect space upon my table!
So help I cry - please help me please - this cheeky English stitcher,
Forgive me for the begging bowl, but hope you get the picture.
I've read such great AccuQuilt news; through FBook, Tweets and blogs,
It's a desperate attempt to get my own, before I pop my clogs.
No matter what the outcome, I shall follow you and pray,
and maybe, yes just maybe - I shall have my own one day.
.....Oh blimey - just imagine - all that cutting out with ease!
Perfect die cut squares of joy - Oh Accuquilt - YES PLEASE.


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