Thursday, 17 January 2013

Gloverly stuff! A finished WIP

Sometimes I amaze myself!
For my sheer inability to finish things.  I started these gloves two years ago.
Dragged them out last year - got sidetracked - threw them back in WIP vat.
Yesterday's blog featuring crochet glove patterns got me thinking about them.
Dragged them out again.
Finished in 5 minutes!
Good grief - I am a numpty.

Originally the sleeves after picking up the pieces after a fight between a washing machine and a cashmere jumper.  Guess who won?

The resultant densely felted loveliness was not about to be wasted.  The body of the sweater became a peg bag - which is now much used and in need of replacement.  A shame as I love it - and must remember another time to line with stiff fabric to retain the shape.  And the sleeves were destined to become fingerless mitts.  So simple to do - I simply cut off just below the shoulder seam, and the resulting diagonal made a lovely shaped cuff when turned over. 

After slicing a small hole near the seam for my thumb, I then went around all the raw edges in blanket stitch using a big darning needle.  The yarn I used is pure wool, and was once a beautiful skein.  Until I started trying to find the end.  I have been dealing with spaghetti junction ever since - and by now there are probably about 80 ends in there..... somewhere!  (and this is why I prefer balls of yarn).

For simple decoration, I have attacked my button box and tied them on randomly with two strands of yarn tied in a reef knot.  And then, as I am happiest when fiddling about, continued to add little knot bows.  I think I must have given up when I failed to find an end to the yarn in the jumble!  Hacked a piece out this morning, and was complete in 5 minutes. :)

As you can see with the two side by side, I have left an unadorned space free for my palms.  Finished result is definitely a one-off - and decidedly quirky, which suits me just fine.  Now to wear them!  I've modelled one on Skinny Bitch in the top photo as ......
  1.   Her nails are in a far better state than mine, and
  2.   Have you tried taking a picture of yourself wearing a glove?
She was remarkably unco-operative, and leaves me wondering how on earth window dressers manage - it's darned difficult to get those limbs to go where you want to, and they have a tendancy to drop off when you least expect.
And shhhh..... but I've found a lovely ball of scrumptiously soft merino yarn lurking in a dark place, and hoping it might be just enough to whizz up one of yesterday's patterns.
Hmmm - come out little hooks, wherever you are......


  1. This makes me terribly sorry that I did not save the sleeves a couple of summers ago, when I turned an old sweater into a coffee pot cover...sigh!
    Your mitts are lovely!

    1. Thank you. I doubt I'd have saved it all, had the colour not been so pretty. Though a fair isle one turned out great too.

  2. Thanks for my morning giggle. 17 year old son was shocked when I told him about Skinny Bitch...but soon joined me in the laugh.

    1. Ha - am so used to Skinny Bitch, I didn't think to explain. LOL What a dummy! .... slinking off...


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