Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Anatomy of a Bird Stitchery

Some of you may have already seen the beginnings of my latest project.  Woohoo - I've finished the stitching!  Next step is to make it the centre of a pillow for the bed - I've picked out the fabrics, but yet to decide what I'm doing with them.  So then...... my little bird...... How has he turned out?...

The inspiration  - Matthew Williamson bedding

Initial sketch - the Sharpies crept blinking into the light gasping for breath, so long is it since they've been allowed freedom.

Simple outline drawn lightly onto fabric using a very hard (4H) sharp pencil.
Not much added at this point, as don't want to risk the pencil lines smudging the fabric.

Threads and fabric palette chosen :
The fabrics aren't a range, they're all picked at random from my stash.
The thread used throughout are colours in Perle 12 - love stitching with this thread, so much easier than fiddling about with 2 strands of embroidery skein tangliness.

First tentative stitches - looking rubbish at this point.

As colours are added - it's starting to take shape:
Confirming - you don't have to have embroidery skills to do a thread picture -
lots of little random stitches come together just fine.

Okay - so the finished effort is nowhere near exact - but close enough that I'm happy with it.

In real life the colours are brighter than shown here.  The lime, teal and coral threads really zing.
Oo-er - best get deciding what to do with the fabric now.


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