Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Absolutely Del-Art-ful

Today I should be doodling.
Or more appropriately I should be doing housework...... and then doodling.

Why doodling?    Well - in an effort to structure my crafty life, I enrolled on a course to "Unearth my Creative Nature" - run by Jani Franck  (I believe this course is now closed, but sure there are others to join - do take a peek at the website - it's very interesting and inspiring).   I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the emails, and joining in the facebook group, but have of course done nothing in the right order.  With the course currently on week 3, I am still pootling about the edges and not really doing what I should be from week 1.  I can excuse myself a little, as wasn't sorted out from house move when it began.  There is of course a limit to how long I can blame this for the delay. 

I even wonder if my mind will even function in doodling form?  I think my OCD tendancies struggle to maintain neatness and precision (fails, but tries).  Back in the days of letter writing (anyone remember them?) if I so much as made a mistake on a sheet of paper I would have to start again.  I'm the same with notebooks - can't bear to see an error, and thus have a wonderful collection of virgin stationery which may forever remain unsullied.  How the hell can I doodle?  I think in my whole adult life the only thing I've doodled are crappy flowers and trees that look nothing like trees whilst on the phone.  Why I continually repeat these monstrosities remains a mystery.  Somewhere out there is an analyst who could make a fortune from me. :)

In yet another doodle-delaying tactic, I have been discovering more arty inspiration this morning.  It's so lovely, I thought I would share....... (and then clean.... and then probably take some cake to my neighbours.... and then I may hunt for my sketchbook - possibly as the light fades, when it will be time to start cooking supper).  ha ha!  Oh my - stop waffling woman - let's have a look at some loveliness.......

Isn't this beautiful?  It is indeed so fragile and delicate in it's presentation.
I can't find an original source (sadly) - but tracked back to this tumblr page - where there are other fabulous images.

If this qualifies as a doodle - I think it's a darling doodle.
This is the sort of doodler I would like to be.
(may have to settle for cock-a-doodle-doo)
Wonderful artwork by Pam Coxwell - click on link to check out her prints for sale

Certain I've blogged about this before - but continue to be stunned by the brightness and simplicity.
I think this is done in paper - but would be awesome in fabric.  Like Cathedral window quilting.
And there's buttons too!  Love it.

This paper/stitchery collage is gorgeous.
I absolutely love it. 
Naive, utterly charming - and very cleverly done.
by Elaine Hughes - tracked down to this online Gallery.  Her work is divine.

This is downright smiley art - and how fantastic for in a studio?
Blimey - in chunky thread - it's near instant art too.
Thinking I could transfer some knitting from my biggest needles onto painted dowel - and then fiddle about with pretty ends!
Sourced from this very pretty Scandinavian (I think) Blog
Get your needles out girls!

I'm still thinking doodling! - and isn't this fabulous?
Ooh - I could use the whole box of colouring pencils on something like this
or Sharpies perhaps - as some of those have never had the excitment of being topless.
Can only guess this is the source

I am a bit of a button-whore. 
Love them.
Love this art!
Simple - effective - sew my sort of thing.
By Eva Juliet flickr

My final piece to share is this delightful dragonfly. 
It's crying out to be coloured in.  So pretty.
Not sure of the original source - found on this Pinterest page - be warned you may be lost in doodle loveliness for quite some time!
I hope you've enjoyed today's art.  I could go on for ages, but really must get on and do something else!  If you would like to see more of the art I like - check out my Pinterest page.
Toodle-oo and happy doodling :) 


  1. Maybe there are different kinds of doodlers. Mindless sketches....mine are often repeating patterns and words. They don't look anything like the lovely art you shared.

    1. shh Cindy - don't tell anyone - but neither are mine..... hence my huge reluctance to start :)


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