Thursday, 14 June 2012

Shabby Chic? Definitely Shabby!

I did say I'd share my DIY disaster with you......

Brace yourselves - you may need sunglasses:

Snort!  When I started the makeover I can assure you this wasn't my intention.  I had a 70's dressing table that was a nice shape, but a vile wood.  I thought I would transform it by painting it fuchsia to match my bedroom.  10 hours later (2 coats undercoat, 3 topcoat) it was looking good.  Until the top coat starting to flake off before my eyes.  I could have cried - indeed I think I did.

Since then it's been sitting in the bedroom annoying me.  It's too heavy to lift out on my own, and anyways I've nothing else to replace it with.  The thought of starting to paint it again doesn't bear thinking about.  So in a DIY frenzy, I attacked it with wire wool.

I think I got a bit carried away!  The result is something that gives a whole new meaning to shabby chic.  However, at least it looks intentional and boldly scruffy.  Anyone that dares to question my designer paint effects will be met with my best defiant Paddington Bear stare.  In an effort to embrace it's individuality further, I may embark on adding some graffiti.  The thought of me let loose with a spray can is a bit giggly - I may just have to give it a go!

My wall sticker is still staying attached to the wall.  Loving it, and I think I will print out some more - hopefully in A3 size if I can get the computer paper that size.  You can do your own so easily.

Pleased with the bright bed, even if it does take a few moments to sort the pillows morning and night.  Plus it's given the cat a nice cosy place to cuddle in.

Not so pleased with my "chandelier".  Which ever bright spark thought it necessary to wrap each of the bottom crystals plastic in cellophane before attaching to the shade wants shooting.  So far I've broken two off in my attempt to get it off.  What numpties!  The wrapping is attached via the metal rings.  Grrr.  I suppose it was in an attempt to make it seem more luxurious, but at the princely sum of £7, I was just looking for a quick fix to shove up and forget about.

Wonder what my next DIY disaster will be.  Knowing me, it won't be long - and I may be brave enough to share!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect by cajame 

 Messing about with Polyvore again

This could be my perfect evening outfit, should I win the lottery - total cost of over £1500!!!  Yikes.

Pop of Red

Pop of Red

I've spent most of the morning putting up pictures, wandering around the place armed with hammer and nails.  I think I have a bit of a thing going on where pictures are concerned, as I have absolutely loads.  No particular style - as long as I like it.  I am left with two looking for a residence now - which is a huge improvement on the mahoosive pile I was staring at earlier.

What with that, and the washing just about up straight and nearly dry - I think I may have excelled myself today.

With a cuppa to keep me company, I've spent a happy hour in the world of Polyvore   This has to be the equivalent of colouring in for grown-ups.  I've had great fun putting my "style board" together.
This is of course the style I would like had I..... a) the figure   b) the bank balance  and c) a big toe that would let my feet bend into heels.  I can at least manage the make-up, though it's probably far too young for me.  No-ones started pointing at me in the street yet, so I may be able to get away with it for a year or two more.

I'm wondering if I dare share my DIY escapade of yesterday with you?  It's a bit zany!  Also a trifle embarrassing.  Perhaps tomorrow - have to steel myself for the shame first.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Purely Pets

My baby - a real life teddy bear
Quite possibly the scruffiest Bichon on the planet
The bane of my life
Sole purpose in life to fart himself (and everyone else) to sleep

Darling girl
Currently doing her best to decimate the mouse population
Scruffy, tiny sweetheart
My Sister-in-laws dog.  Bat like ears!
The in-laws old-timer
Adorable, utterly adorable
The in-laws latest family member - 8 weeks old
Unable to keep her eyes open after running around with the gang
My father-in-laws shadow
Incredibly fond of sitting on your head

Monday, 11 June 2012

How to make Word Art Pictures

It's so easy to do!

Word Art pictures seem to be taking over this season.  Everywhere is stocking them.  And for quite a while it's been really bugging me.....   How on earth do you do them?

I've found a few different apps, but nothing has been quite what I wanted.  Today I've found it!

Prepare to be lost in the world of TAGXEDO  - where you can make up a word picture out of just about anything.    There are a host of shapes to choose from, or you can upload your own.  You can even do words.  With a wide choice of text and a host of colour templates to pick from - you may be lost some time!  If you don't want a shape, you can have a word "cloud".  By jiggling around with the controls, you can totally change the appearance.  I have been lost there for most of the afternoon.

Best of all, as you create a picture you are happy with you can save as a jpg image in a variety of sizes - even big enough to print on an enormous canvas.  (I have plans!)

My sewing themed heart above has been printed onto movable wall sticker printer paper from Crafty Computer Paper   I've had it for ages, and finally got around to giving it a go.  Loving it!  Printed beautifully on auto setting, was easy to cut - and sticks to the wall perfectly.  And it's movable!  I know it said it was on the packet, but often these things are nothing like they should be.  This moved from one wall to another with no trouble whatsoever.  Brilliant for adding decor to a plain wall....  I'm already thinking a few pretty birds will look fab..... somewhere!

Here's how the images look when you download them.  This is another wall sticker that I have made for my bedroom.  Although it doesn't look that clear here, it has printed out perfectly - and looks great on the wall.

I can think of so many uses for this app.  Printing on fabric...... labels......  oh - I could keep myself busy wording around for quite some time!

In fact, I have to keep coming back to the post as I have made something else!  This time a (sort of) cupcake shaped wall sticker for the kitchen. I've cut around the shape, and I'm jolly pleased with how it looks on the wall.  I did take a photo of it on the wall, but the yellow would have blinded you!  It's not pleasant, and is on my list of things to be changed as soon as.

When you first go into the app. it's a bit confusing what to do.  I suggest starting with the control box on your left and working your way down, one at a time.  You'll soon get the hang of it.  The box that says load is where you type in your text - and then have fun creating. 

What are you going to make?

Dreaming in Pink

What can you do on a Sunday afternoon when it's chucking it down?  Aren't you just sick of it?

Yesterday I went for a wander around Dunelm.  I never come out of there with nothing (I think it's impossible), and this time was no exception.  I found some clip frames at rock bottom prices, and a few cushions that were just too nice to leave behind.  So, last evening was spent adding a bit of decoration to my bedroom.

The wall behind the bed is painted in Crown Euphoria.  It's the most wonderful warm and vibrant shade of cerise.  I love it.  It was the second colour I tried.  The first shade was a deep plum, which although it was a great shade, it made the room seem really cold.  The window faces west, and so doesn't get a great deal of sunlight.  It needs all the help it can get to zing it up.  This pink certainly does that!

The bedding was another bargain buy yesterday.  £11 for a king size set - how could I not?  I love the mix of red and hot pink, and the fabric isn't that rough horrid texture that you often get with cheap bedding.  It's so vibrant and happy.  My Sugar and Spice cupcake pillow in the middle now has some friends to keep it company.  The pillows were all £3.99, and are zip off covers.  Such a bargain.  A complete pillow for about the same price as just a cushion inner.  I know the bed is  a riot of colour, but it's so cheerful.  And I just know that my hubby will adore it all when he comes home, I can imagine his comments now.....   Are there enough bloody cushions on this bed.....   It's very pink....  Like the pictures....   In no particular order!

The wall sticker behind is from The Range - I think I paid about £3 for it.  It looks shiny from the camera flash, but looks good in reality.  In a deep grey print, it was much easier to apply than I thought it would be.

Note to self.......  I really must make a headboard!


My bedside lamp is starting to wear out.  The cat may be responsible (bless her little heart).  I found this at a car boot sale (the lamp, not the cat).  It was new in it's box at the time, and I fell in love with it on sight.  I wish it was a different colour - black would be perfect.  If you've seen one, let me know!


Okay then.....  a pile of clip frames and what to put in them?  I found a few images from magazines - now that's my idea of instant art.  I created the heart picture using the valentine text option on   You type whatever text you like in, and it prints it in a heart shape.  Cute!  The fabric heart at the bottom was a quick little bit of paper piecing.  I suppose I really should have sewn on a hanger.  Ah well.  Maybe nex time.  Basically, this one has been stabbed onto a nail.  Works!

I really need to do something with my jewellery hanger.  It needs to go on the wall, but I think that's beyond my capabilities.  I'm quite happy armed with hammer and nails, but anything else is so guaranteed to be a DIY disaster it's simply not worth starting.  I found this at a car boot sale (funny that!), and I have no idea what it's original purpose was.  All I know is it's jolly handy for jewellery.  Blimey - looking at this photo makes me realise that it's long overdue for a tidy up.  And the dressing table needs dusting!  That dust circle is really a light effect from the flash - honest it is......... muttering to self as she runs off to get the duster quick.

For my pictures, I want to focus on mainly black and white with the odd pop of red and fuchsia.  The wall behind is brilliant white, even if it does look like a mucky pink in the picture.  The hat is a mini topper that I wore one New Year's Eve.  The stockinged legs (if only they were mine..... though my arms could look like it I suppose) were a black and white image, that I opened in paint and used a brush to colour the small bow fuchsia.  The other images are from magazines.

I can't remember where I got this lips canvas from.  No doubt it was a car boot sale, as that's my favourite boutique :)   I think it goes rather well with the wooden Love sign below (2.99 Dunelm).  It hangs on two nails, and for me to get it at the angle I wanted first time is a DIY miracle.

coming up soon - Meows and Woofs

Friday, 8 June 2012

Embroidery Inspiration

DIY Embroidered Moth
This is fabulous - found on Pinterest, but sadly it doesn't link back

After doodling with thread last night, I'm thinking embroidery today.  I love embroidery, though I don't have much patience.  I really must start on a project.  Here's a few that have caught my eye....

These little brooches are darling.  Come across these from the LiliPopo blog.  Must explore what over little lovelies are there.

detail - looove

Fabulous detail on the corner of this blanket, and relatively simple and quick to do.  Love it.  By Green Kitchen on Flickr.


What a charming hoop picture.  Very modern.  From the Feeling Stitchy blog.

sweet house

Loving this little house by House Wren Studio  The roof is such a great way of showcasing different embroidery stitches.

crazy quilting

This beautiful butterfly.  Isn't it stunning?  It's from the Crazy Quilting International blog, and I absolutely adore it.

 My #embroidery Little Tweetheart Doodle heart
I'll end today's post with one of my own designs.  Very simple stitching, but they go together really well (I think).  I designed it for a kit.  It seems like forever ago I made this, but on looking back I realise it was only last year - Little Tweetheart

Are you inspired to get stitching?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Make a Star for Estella

For any crafters who have a few minutes to spare - why not make a star for Estella?
This is my little effort above.  The heart looks really wonky in the photo, but it doesn't look too bad in real life.  The stars can be as simple or as complicated as you like, and are for a great cause.

Pop over to Estella's Wall for full details.


You have until the end of July to create your star, which will be displayed
in memory of Estella at Bluebell Hospice


Stars can be made in any craft form.  The only requisite is that they measure between 5 and 15 cm, and be able to attach to a wall.  They must also be child friendly.

Not sure where to send my finished star to yet, but I've left a message on the Estella Wall blog, and hopefully will receive a message back.

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Adding - You may also like feature

I've wondered for a while what people do to add the nifty "you may also like" feature to the bottom of their blog posts.  When reading other blogs, I nearly always click on at least one other page if I see the feature.  I think it looks really professional, and is a great way of getting older posts on your blog noticed.

Check me out! 

I've got it too :)

  Now I know there are lots of you who will be wanting this feature on your own blog.  Don't despair - it's dead easy to do.  Read on!

After spending absolutely ages trawling through all the blogger widgets to no avail, I resorted to a bit lot of googling.  There are several options available:

1.  Some offer the facility in return for advertising..... didn't want that.

2.  Found the CSS/HTML code to do my own..... that was a disaster.  Thank goodness I had backed my blog up.

3.  Go to LinkWithin and do exactly what it says.  Dead simple.  Free.  No advertising.  Perfect.

You can choose to show up to 5 links.  In my case, 4 seems the optimum number as it suits the width of my blog. (main body 500).

In a few clicks you will have the same feature on your own blog.

On an advice page for the widget, it advises to move the widget box to just below the blog archive box whilst in your blog layout page.  No idea why, as nothing shows there.  However, it's working it's magic, and a quick scroll through my blog shows different blog posts featured at the bottom of each post.  It must just pick random blog posts to highlight.

How wonderful is that!

Don't be afraid to have a go yourself, the LinkWithin instructions are really simple.  I'm a complete dud at HTML codes and the like - and even I found this a walk in the park.

Have fun :)

Friday, 1 June 2012

Congratulations Ma'am

With the Jubilee weekend upon us, I feel a bit guilty that I've done diddly squit towards celebrating.
Would love to be part of a street party, but don't think there's anything planned for around here.  Shame.

I do love the  Queen though, and who doesn't love a bit of red, white and blue?  Although I've made nothing myself, I've spied some wonderful jubilee themed makes on Folksy.  I never tire of looking at other people's makes, especially if it's in a craft other than my own.  Shall we have a look?  Click on any link to go straight to the item.

by Senor Picklesworth  
This little cushion is great.  I'm a sucker for dogs, and pugs are such characters.  This little chappy is a great buy at just £6.  Loving his expression.

by Sandra Lynne Cope
 I think this cushion works so well in an all-blue palette, and much easier to mix in with existing decor.  A lovely combination of denim, ribbon and lace trim.

by Crafts Council

I really like the fabric used for this little handbag mirror.  It's very keenly priced at just £2.99 - and there are plenty of other lovelies to choose from in the store.

by Annie Sparkes

I'm a huge fan of my Kindle, and think it would look jolly smart in this Queeny fabric cover. 

by Suzanne Lake

Isn't this shabby chic cupcake darling?  Such soft muted colours - I love it.

by Nicky in Hereford
Bunting doesn't really rock my boat, but I'd be happy to wear this charming nautical themed bunting necklace.  Very summery!

by Tabitha Stewart
I shall end today's post with this glorious crown card.  Taken from a fabric collage, I think it's super.

Congratulations Liz, on reaching your Diamond Jubilee
I shall be with you virtually via the TV.

God save our gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen!
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God save the Queen.
Thy choicest gifts in store
On her be pleased to pour,
Long may she reign.
May she defend our laws,
And give us ever cause,
To sing with heart and voice,
God save the Queen.