Friday, 19 October 2012

Gingham Tree Decoration

Another day, another decoration.  

This time a cheery gingham tree.... complete with felt heart, ric-rac hanger and star button topper.


I like the way this has turned out, but it took a lot longer than yesterday's Shabby Heart decoration.  In fact, and bearing in mind it's the same size - it took as long to make one of these as all of the others.

Do I want to make another 5 of them?  erm..... don't know!  It may be a one off.  

Despite being fiddly, it was still an easy make.   Fancy making one of your own?  Here's what to do....

You'll need a small scrap of check fabric.  I've used (yet again) a piece cut from a sleeve of one of hubby's old shirts.  It's a brushed cotton, and extremely well washed.

I drew a vague looking Christmas tree on a piece of card, and used it as my template.  Folding my fabric with right sides together, I drew around the template to give me my sewing line.  I then machined all the way around using a small stitch length, taking care to over sew the join.  Don't leave a gap!

Next step was to cut around the tree close to the seam, nipping in slightly on an inside corner, and trimming edges on the outside corners.

Next I snipped a vertical cut down the middle of the front of the tree.  Only about an inch,  just enough to enable me to turn it to the right side.  This took me quite a while, due to the odd angles to manoeuvre about. 

Once all turned through, I wondered why I'd bothered.  As trees go, this one looked mightily pathetic.  At this point I very nearly chucked it in the scrap basket.  Seeing as the stuffing was staring right at me I decided to persevere.  You need something with a blunt edge to poke the stuffing into the "branches", and you need to pack quite a lot in or it just droops.  Once happy with the shape, it's time to do a bit of open tree surgery and sew up the cut.  Don't worry about it looking pretty, a few zig zags to tie it together is fine, as it won't be seen.

Finally I cut out a felt heart to cover the seam, and blanket stitched in place.  I used a metallic thread, and big "rustic" blanket stitching.  With the thread that was left on the needle I did a few random cross stitches, carrying the needle along inside the tree.  There was just enough thread left to attach the ric-rac hanger and a wooden wonky star button at the top.


In real life, I think it looks better than the picture.  It looks very "country primitive" and the metallic silver thread glints nicely.  Darn it, may have to make some more to keep it company.  My aim is to make 6 of whatever decoration I do.  Bear with me, it could be a while until I get to the next one :) .


  1. What if you skipped the flipping bit? Then you wouldn't have to deal with the funky points.

    1. I may well do that Cindy. My first attempt was one where I cut out around the stitching line with pinking shears. Thought it was too scruffy.... but in hindsight I think I may just do that.

  2. It's really nice - the red felt and gingham fabric are so festive together!

    1. It's certainly cheery. Thank you Sewphie (good name!)


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