Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pop of Red

Pop of Red

I've spent most of the morning putting up pictures, wandering around the place armed with hammer and nails.  I think I have a bit of a thing going on where pictures are concerned, as I have absolutely loads.  No particular style - as long as I like it.  I am left with two looking for a residence now - which is a huge improvement on the mahoosive pile I was staring at earlier.

What with that, and the washing just about up straight and nearly dry - I think I may have excelled myself today.

With a cuppa to keep me company, I've spent a happy hour in the world of Polyvore   This has to be the equivalent of colouring in for grown-ups.  I've had great fun putting my "style board" together.
This is of course the style I would like had I..... a) the figure   b) the bank balance  and c) a big toe that would let my feet bend into heels.  I can at least manage the make-up, though it's probably far too young for me.  No-ones started pointing at me in the street yet, so I may be able to get away with it for a year or two more.

I'm wondering if I dare share my DIY escapade of yesterday with you?  It's a bit zany!  Also a trifle embarrassing.  Perhaps tomorrow - have to steel myself for the shame first.

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