Monday, 11 June 2012

Dreaming in Pink

What can you do on a Sunday afternoon when it's chucking it down?  Aren't you just sick of it?

Yesterday I went for a wander around Dunelm.  I never come out of there with nothing (I think it's impossible), and this time was no exception.  I found some clip frames at rock bottom prices, and a few cushions that were just too nice to leave behind.  So, last evening was spent adding a bit of decoration to my bedroom.

The wall behind the bed is painted in Crown Euphoria.  It's the most wonderful warm and vibrant shade of cerise.  I love it.  It was the second colour I tried.  The first shade was a deep plum, which although it was a great shade, it made the room seem really cold.  The window faces west, and so doesn't get a great deal of sunlight.  It needs all the help it can get to zing it up.  This pink certainly does that!

The bedding was another bargain buy yesterday.  £11 for a king size set - how could I not?  I love the mix of red and hot pink, and the fabric isn't that rough horrid texture that you often get with cheap bedding.  It's so vibrant and happy.  My Sugar and Spice cupcake pillow in the middle now has some friends to keep it company.  The pillows were all £3.99, and are zip off covers.  Such a bargain.  A complete pillow for about the same price as just a cushion inner.  I know the bed is  a riot of colour, but it's so cheerful.  And I just know that my hubby will adore it all when he comes home, I can imagine his comments now.....   Are there enough bloody cushions on this bed.....   It's very pink....  Like the pictures....   In no particular order!

The wall sticker behind is from The Range - I think I paid about £3 for it.  It looks shiny from the camera flash, but looks good in reality.  In a deep grey print, it was much easier to apply than I thought it would be.

Note to self.......  I really must make a headboard!


My bedside lamp is starting to wear out.  The cat may be responsible (bless her little heart).  I found this at a car boot sale (the lamp, not the cat).  It was new in it's box at the time, and I fell in love with it on sight.  I wish it was a different colour - black would be perfect.  If you've seen one, let me know!


Okay then.....  a pile of clip frames and what to put in them?  I found a few images from magazines - now that's my idea of instant art.  I created the heart picture using the valentine text option on   You type whatever text you like in, and it prints it in a heart shape.  Cute!  The fabric heart at the bottom was a quick little bit of paper piecing.  I suppose I really should have sewn on a hanger.  Ah well.  Maybe nex time.  Basically, this one has been stabbed onto a nail.  Works!

I really need to do something with my jewellery hanger.  It needs to go on the wall, but I think that's beyond my capabilities.  I'm quite happy armed with hammer and nails, but anything else is so guaranteed to be a DIY disaster it's simply not worth starting.  I found this at a car boot sale (funny that!), and I have no idea what it's original purpose was.  All I know is it's jolly handy for jewellery.  Blimey - looking at this photo makes me realise that it's long overdue for a tidy up.  And the dressing table needs dusting!  That dust circle is really a light effect from the flash - honest it is......... muttering to self as she runs off to get the duster quick.

For my pictures, I want to focus on mainly black and white with the odd pop of red and fuchsia.  The wall behind is brilliant white, even if it does look like a mucky pink in the picture.  The hat is a mini topper that I wore one New Year's Eve.  The stockinged legs (if only they were mine..... though my arms could look like it I suppose) were a black and white image, that I opened in paint and used a brush to colour the small bow fuchsia.  The other images are from magazines.

I can't remember where I got this lips canvas from.  No doubt it was a car boot sale, as that's my favourite boutique :)   I think it goes rather well with the wooden Love sign below (2.99 Dunelm).  It hangs on two nails, and for me to get it at the angle I wanted first time is a DIY miracle.

coming up soon - Meows and Woofs


  1. Oh My Goodness! I am so glad I found you on Blog Train. I am off now to try and cheer up my pigsty of a bedroom. Do you mean Dunelm Mill? I have just looked online and there is one not too far away from me in an industrial estate. Guess where I'm going asap?

    1. I love it - hasn't been open long here. Wonder if the one by you has a coffee shop too? Have fun :)


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