Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Adding - You may also like feature

I've wondered for a while what people do to add the nifty "you may also like" feature to the bottom of their blog posts.  When reading other blogs, I nearly always click on at least one other page if I see the feature.  I think it looks really professional, and is a great way of getting older posts on your blog noticed.

Check me out! 

I've got it too :)

  Now I know there are lots of you who will be wanting this feature on your own blog.  Don't despair - it's dead easy to do.  Read on!

After spending absolutely ages trawling through all the blogger widgets to no avail, I resorted to a bit lot of googling.  There are several options available:

1.  Some offer the facility in return for advertising..... didn't want that.

2.  Found the CSS/HTML code to do my own..... that was a disaster.  Thank goodness I had backed my blog up.

3.  Go to LinkWithin and do exactly what it says.  Dead simple.  Free.  No advertising.  Perfect.

You can choose to show up to 5 links.  In my case, 4 seems the optimum number as it suits the width of my blog. (main body 500).

In a few clicks you will have the same feature on your own blog.

On an advice page for the widget, it advises to move the widget box to just below the blog archive box whilst in your blog layout page.  No idea why, as nothing shows there.  However, it's working it's magic, and a quick scroll through my blog shows different blog posts featured at the bottom of each post.  It must just pick random blog posts to highlight.

How wonderful is that!

Don't be afraid to have a go yourself, the LinkWithin instructions are really simple.  I'm a complete dud at HTML codes and the like - and even I found this a walk in the park.

Have fun :)


  1. Whoop! Man over machine always makes me happy.

    1. Thanks Cindy - it's a miracle, is what it is :)

  2. Thanks for the great advice. Am going to try it NOW! Found you through Blog Train--another miracle!!!

    1. Such a great little widget - been wondering for ages how people did it. Hope it's worked for you.

  3. Ty ty ty ty, I always wondered how everyone got this widget :D now I have it too ~~ giggles~~

    1. It's ridiculously exciting when you manage to conquer a bit of technology isn't it :)


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