Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Think Pink

A trifle miffed that the sun has decided to hide this morning.  The sky is back to it's normal leaden look.

So lets jolly things up with a selection of pastel pinks - never fail to cheer.

I shall start shamelessly with one of my own creations - the Sugar and Spice pillow.  I love the way the fabrics go together.  Currently sitting on my bed.  I do enjoy foundation piecing - and have another one in the pipeline featuring beach huts.  (Better get cracking or summer will be over).

Isn't this wigwam delightful?  It screams summer.  I want a grown up sized one.  This is so utterly charming.  Created by Hickity-pickity who makes the most delightful things (if you have a little girl - get over there right this minute - you'll love her designs), using fabric designs by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom  I am in the throes of a long distance love affair with all things Sis Boom.  If you like bright, fresh and zingy fabrics - you may start a long term affair yourself.

I came across this breezy little number on Pinterest.  I detest net curtains, but who could fail to be charmed by this?  So, so pretty - it would look wonderful in a rosy themed bedroom.  I've tracked the source down - and they're for sale, in several guises in a Dawanda online store.  Don't be put off if you haven't heard of this store before - it's an Etsy/Folksy type site based in Europe.  There's some fab stuff on there, and when I ordered something a while back, it arrived super quick and I was delighted.

I'm loving this cheeky little chappy.  So simple, yet so effective.  For sale on Etsy  It's a pillow, but I think it would make a great door stop.  Super fabric combo too.

You've got to Love a pretty pillow - and this is one I made recently to sit on the spare bed.  Very quick and easy to do.

What a sweet little mousie this is.  You can find the tutorial for it on the All about You site.
Here it is a pincushion, but reckon my cat would be keen on one with a bit of catnip pushed inside.

This pillow is a proper little star.  I think this particular one looks so good as the fabric has been cut so cleverly.  The chances of my stripes lining up like that are slim.  Beautiful.  And..... I've found the tutorial for it on the Country Homes site.

 spool quilt by croskelley, via Flickr

I shall end today's post with this wonderful quilt by Camille Roskelley 

Can you guess it's called Spools?  Love it to bits.  The fabrics look stunning, and it looks fairly simple to put together.  And there's a pattern!  Check out the link, it takes you straight to Camille's Simplify site.

Enjoy your day folks.


  1. Thanx for all the great ideas...the mouse is so cute! I am your newest follower via blog train. Hope you will visit me. Tiffany

    1. Thank you Tiffany - delighted to have you as a follower.


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