Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Summer Daze Bag

I can hardly believe a whole month has passed since my last creative post.

Doesn't time fly!  

I haven't been sat on my backside doing nothing (the whole time).  Aside from moving house, and getting hubby settled into his new work-away apartment - I have done a little bit of sewing.

Another bag!  (Like I need one).  I just enjoy making them, and I love the style of this one.

If you've been following my blog for a while, you may recognise the shape.  It's yet another version of my Sophie bag (for which I have been meaning to produce the pattern - like - forever).  It's such a nice bag to carry around.  Light, roomy and comfortable, in a slightly squishy, holds it's shape well sort of way.

It was supposed to be a quick, run it up in an evening make.  Ha ha ha.

I can cut out all the pieces from memory, so that didn't take long.  Putting the fabrics together however, took ages - for the simple reason I have far too much to choose from.   A while back I happened across a brief tweet from Rachel Pettitt offering some Michael Miller fabric.  I replied and a short while later received a wonderful package containing quite a few very useful pieces of lovely fabrics.  Bless you Rachel, it was so kind of you - and I'm still stunned.  There are some really lovely people in the world.  (and this one wouldn't even let me pay the postage).

I've used one of these pieces for the main body and handles of the bag.  It's hard to see from the picture (too bright a day - not that I'm complaining), but it's a heavy weave linen in duck egg blue with off white spots.  For the top panel, I used a piece of Moda (no idea which variety) which had been lurking in my stash for ages).  I bought it intending to make a skirt, and that's as far as I got with that project.

After cutting out the panels, I thought I would add a bit of interest to the body of the bag by cutting out a few applique shapes.  I didn't bother with bondaweb - just a quick spray of temporary adhesive, and a whizz around with the machine.  That was going to be it........ until I got a bit carried away.

It's turned into a doodle!

  • A bit of machining about
  • A whole lot of simple embroidery
  • Buttons
  • Ric Rac
  • Even a guest appearance of my JML Gem Styler (yes!  I bet there's not many people that can say that.... actually amazed that it works!  Would never have bought one, but hubby found it at a car boot sale for £2.  Now need to track down more "gems", as I think it will be used again).

Eventually I had to force myself to stop, otherwise this could have become the longest-to-make bag in history.  Before I could get waylaid again, I quickly added a contrasting lining.  I've included a large pocket - it's just the right size to slip my i-Pad into. 


The back of the bag is a lot plainer.  I decided on one flower...... then wanted to play around and add a few gems, and that led onto a few buttons. :)

Hmm.  Not entirely sure what I shall be doing next.  I'm going to my MIL's sewing class on Friday, so need to have something ready to do.  Will have a ponder.  Maybe a Kindle case to match?  We'll see.

I'll leave you today with snaps of the last two Sophie bags I made for myself and a friend, which shows what a difference different fabrics can make. Time to put my winter version into temporary retirement I think.

In wool suit weight tartan, with cerise corduroy lining.

In lightweight quilting cottons - taken from the same range of fabrics.  To ring the changes, I added an elasticated pocket to the front of this bag.


  1. Have you seen the movie "Game Plan"? The little girl in it goes bedazzle nuts. You'd get a kick out of it.

  2. Lovely Bags!!You are very talented.Found oyur blog on Blog-Train.net.New Follower.

  3. Found you through Blog Train. Love, love, love the bags! Sounds a bit like the same journey I had making a bag for my daughter; it's so hard to know when to stop!

  4. Love your work. Found you on blogtrain.

  5. I love making bags too...I really like all the little extras you put into this....I found you through blog train! I am going to be a new follower...come visit and follow...we have a lot in common and I will be back.

  6. I found your blog on the blog train :) I love love love this top bag, I want to make something like it for my grand daughter.... it is absolutely wonderful :)

  7. ooh, I love these purses! I had tried many times learning to sew (self taught) but couldn't do it.

    1. Thank you Helen. After taking a peak at your work, and seeing how talented you are with paper and crochet - I'm sure you can.

      I think many people find it difficult if they are following patterns. Quite a lot of them are really hard to figure out. I can often tell what I should be doing by looking at the finished article, rather than reading what to do.

      I would suggest a sewing class. Many people offer a starter course - either as a day option or during the evening. A good investment.


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