Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What a beauty!

Just a quicky today..... saw this bag and had to share:

Isn't it lovely?  Love the red and blue combo.  And the coral, sea urchin and weed decoration.  Looks fab.
My only concern is that although the handle looks really pretty, it wouldn't be very strong and stretch like mad.

I've had a quick butcher's at the site from whence it came (click on link under photo) - and there's some lovely crochet on there.  Like me, you will probably just gape at the pictures, as it's in a language I can't begin to identify.

I do note that there are patterns for sale.  Wonder if this is one of them?  If in diagram form it would be a doddle to follow.  Seriously tempted.


  1. Very pretty....looks like coral...i can just imagine using it while vacationing at the beach.

    Perhaps the strap has a stronger cord inside of the the pretty needle work.

  2. Really has the "Wow Factor"

  3. Its in Estonian if you use google chrome you can get it to auto translate.

  4. Its brilliant, I wish I could crochet like that


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