Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Spring Colour Inspiration

On a dank and dismal day - what better than a splash of colour to brighten the mood?

I know we've all got oodles of fabric in our stash, but why not throw a little inspiration out there...... you never know, you may have just these colours in your collection.  If not?  Oh well..... another feeble excuse to add a bit more.

I'm thinking spring colours; fresh and bright.  I absolutely adore these colour combos - what do you think?

Let's start off with a little spring lamb.  Loving the blue and green combo.  Very natural and muted.

Lying in the sunshine - a beautiful cat, producing a wonderfully soft and gentle colourway.

A new leaf in sunlight - gorgeous - zingy, fresh and smiley feelgood

The colours of nature - peaceful and serene.

Okay - bugger all to do with spring - but I love it!

This combo is delicious in every way, but not quite my favourite....


It's this, This, THIS!

This one!  All my favourite colours together.  Add white for contrast and this is my dream combo.

Source - All found on Pinterest and stored in my Perfect Pallete board.  The majority of the pictures originate from Design Seeds , with the exception of the latter - which is from Photo Card Boutique  
 I'm rather addicted to these pretty pictures.  They are little art pieces in their own right, and a wonderful source of inspiration - as you can see from the photo that the colours work so well together.

What are your favourite colour combos?

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