Friday, 6 January 2012

A New Year - and New Makes

A Happy New Year to everyone.  May 2012 bring everything you wish for.
 Okay, so the title of this post is a bit mis-leading.  I haven't actually made anything yet...... but the intention is there!

I haven't made any resolutions.  It really would be pointless as I am totally useless at sticking to anything.  I am however determined to design (AND MAKE) and produce a pattern for at least one new item for each month of the year.  I suppose I could cheat a little by writing out patterns for last year's efforts? 


What......   I've got to do that as well?

Top of my list of new things to try is purse-making.  It's something I've never attempted, as the combination of me and glue tends to be a disaster.  However after seeing the beautiful purses made by Helena @microbionoar I'm inspired to have a go.  (Plus - I've found a wonderful source of cheap purse frames)
Check out Helena's fab shop HERE
I bought one of her lovely makes last year, and I love it.  A glass-case purse, it came on holiday with me and was large enough to hold sunglasses as well as little essentials such as lip-salve.  So useful, I simply have to attempt making some of my own as gifts for the family.

Next on the list is a fabric birdcage from one of the latest Tilda books.
Can you see the dear little make in the bottom of the picture?  Quite what I will do with the finished cage remains a mystery, but there is definitely one with my name on it in the pipeline.  I'm such a huge Tilda fan, and this is yet another wonderful book that has been added to my collection recently.  (was an absolute snip on Amazon a while back - think I paid £5.99).  They are without doubt, the prettiest sewing books I have in my collection, and never fail to cheer me up when looking through them.

Aside from these makes I have so many WIP's to finish.....  I'm rather ashamed to let on quite how many there are.  Let's see...

Farmers Wife Quilt - 8 squares done - only another 135 or so to go.  (Don't hold your breath).
See the button on the right hand side of blog for details.

Summer Sampler Series - Okay... so it's January..... it may be finished for this summer.  (If I haven't used up the fabric I need in other products - sneaky suspicion I may have).  Again - click on button in right hand column for more info.

My daughter's quilt - Another Tilda design featuring houses.  Currently under construction for almost 3 years.  (Why, oh why did I decide to hand-sew it?)  Poor Sophie will be in a double bed before it's finished.

My French knot embroidery of an Alium head.  Every single time I go to my sewing class, someone asks me if I've finished it.  I don't reply anymore, just smirk.  The hours I've put into that poxy little picture are beyond belief.  Don't think I can face doing any more.  Thousand upon thousand of the pesky little knots. 

What else I wonder?    Reducing the size of my fabric stash, rather than adding to it................

ha ha ha.  A pig will fly by first!


  1. Make it two pigs hehe ... i keep adding and adding and adding to mine as well...

  2. Oh I really need to stop adding to my stash of fabric but I do like your list of projects and looking forward to seeing you new creations...especially the purses.

  3. Mix in some seed beeds to your Alium head - quicker than French knots!


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