Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hexagon Sadism

In a moment of madness yesterday evening, I decided I'd have a go at something incorporating hexagons.  You know what it's like when you have an idea brewing in your head?  Well....  despite knowing it was a crazy idea, (I detest hand sewing as a rule) I simply couldn't stop myself.  Until I did a google search of hexagon images, I didn't really know exactly what I would do.... until I came across a grid of teeny tiny little hexes.  "Why not?" I thought.


Oh my, but these little babies are tiny!  I knew straight away it would be madness, but felt compelled to give it a go.  My eye-sight isn't really cut out for something like this.  I peer away at the best of times, and know my reading glasses need upgrading, so imagine for a moment if you will, a woman sat with scrunched up eyes and tongue stuck out in concentration. 

After grabbing one of my scrap bags, I sat down and began looking for little pieces that could be fussy-cut.  A challenge in itself, as the hexes are so small, it really does need to be the tiniest print.  Although extremely awkward to do, it was strangely enjoyable - and a way of using up the smallest scraps, as each hexagon is only half an inch across.  

 By the early hours,  my eyes were decidedly squiffy (and for sure I've added a few more wrinkles to the collection) - but I do have the beginnings of a project.  I've sewn 7 together to make a larger hexagon, and it's turned out ok.  The stitches are far from perfect, but as I can't really see what I'm doing it's not a bad job on the whole.  And I have a little pile of folded and tacked hexes ready to go.  Amazingly, I did manage to get the paper template out of the middle hex, so there's hope for the rest.

Quite what this is going to end up as remains a mystery:

  • A Quilt?                             ha Ha HA
  • A Pillow?                          What if the cat pulled it with her claws?
  • A framed Picture?            Here's hoping
  • An unfinished WIP?         In all probability

So there we are..... my first project of 2012, and possibly my last.  The one thing in it's favour - this is most definitely a portable make.  The little vintage tin the hexes are sitting in is credit-card sized.

Ooh-er....... there's a thought: It's so small I'll probably lose it!

Wish me luck :)

And should you care to have a go at a little hexagon sadism of your own, here's the template I'm using....

After adding this, I realise it will be a different size depending what it's being viewed on.  Rule of thumb..... if it fits on the end of your index finger, it's close enough to be excructiatingly awkward to sew, and is therefore the perfect size. ;)


  1. Those are insanely tiny. Cant wait to see what they become.

  2. i love a spot of hexagon quilting but that it waaaaay too small for me, i need new glasses too and id go boss eyed at that. Keep at it though they are very cute and teensy

  3. Just Wow.
    I don't know if its the hexagons or the dedication to turning a hobby into sadism that I'm more impressed with!

  4. I love making hexagons, but oh my, those are tiny!

  5. Oh my gosh, you really are a sadist! It's going to be absolutely beautiful whatever you make x


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