Sunday, 15 January 2012

A few more patterns to inspire

Today I'm sharing a few new patterns I've come across whilst browsing........ Let's hope that planet cloud is kind to me and manages to produce the links for them all!

Find the tutorial HERE - on Printable
 Firstly - the world is alive with quotation art at the moment, and easy as it looks - it's not that straightforward to do.  I know, I've tried - and it's nigh on impossible just using Word.  I made two small framed pictures as Christmas presents, and it was incredibly difficult to get the layout right.  Now I know what I should have been doing!   Here's a tutorial for producing your own Word artwork - I've had a quick look and it's clear and concise, with lots of pictures to follow.  What are we all going to print then?

Purse pattern from All Free Sewing
 I'm loving this cute little purse from the All Free Sewing site.  Haven't had a proper look at the pattern yet, and wondering if it's using metal tape measure as the fastening?  If so, I'm having a go.  Looks quick and easy, and how perfect as a little holder for ear-phones, tea-bags etc.

From Stash Happy:Patchwork  Find the tutorial at Lark Crafts
 Whilst I really don't need a Bento box to carry food around, I'm loving the shape and style of this little bag.  Surely it can be used for a variety of uses.  Quite charming.  The pattern can be found on the Lark Crafts site, so do pop over by clicking the link.

Video tutorial on DIY Dish

I love, love, love this mannequin pincushion, though I think they'd be rather nice as jewellery hangers, so a bit of re-sizing may be in order.  Not so sure how neat mine will be, once the base is shoved up the bottom - but I'm willing to give it a go.  Just my sort of style this!  It looks as though the tutorial is video based over on the DIY Dish site.

Now that I've seen this fabulous sewing themed Checker-board, I'm not sure I can live without having one in my life.  There's a tutorial!  Clappy Hands!!!  Click on the link to pop over to Stash Books.  Yes, we may need another book :) 
A fabric chess-board! - Hop over to Stash Books    


  1. Wow, that chess board is amazeballs!! Thank you for sharing this!!

  2. wow love the dress form pin cushion and oddly I was thinking that I wanted something like that for jewellery display *goes off to rummage for mini baubles, think trip to Ikea for candle where is my glue gun*

  3. Hi Jan, I think you'll find the pure is fastened with a special sring load clip, I should think you will find one online without much trouble. the chess set is brilliant, but I can't see Big Ears and The Boy wanting to play with it lol.


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