Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Pin Master

Introducing my latest creation - The Pin Master

Always trying to grab a pin when you're sewing?  Never got them close to hand when you need one?

Grab yourself the latest sewing accessory and never be looking for a pin again!

Designed to wear comfortably as a watch, the Pin Master can be customised for each wearer.  With a choice of fabric colours, the dial reads "Time To Sew".  With pins for watch hands, pretty little buttons, and dinky scissors marking the second hand; this is my latest unique Cajame creation.

I've designed and printed the fabric for the dial myself.  The dial is backed by 100% wool felt which has been appliqued onto the cotton "watch" body by blanket stitch.  The back of the "watch" features my own Cajame tag-line - "Sewing my way through life one stitch at a time".

With a pretty little crystal (okay it's plastic!) button in lieu of the winder - this is a charming little pin cushion, both pretty and very practical.  Fitting perfectly into a watch box, it makes a perfect gift for a sewing enthusiast.

In addition to choosing their own fabric colour for the watch body (I have a pretty extensive fabric stash), anyone purchasing may personalise their Pin Master by the addition of a name on the dial, or by changing the tag-line on the back to a short message of their choice.

Never be stuck trying to find the time pin again!

Available now in my Folksy shop - click HERE

All Wrapped Up

It's getting towards that time of year again!
find the tutorial for this bow - HERE

As much as I try to pretend it's not happening, the dreaded C word is starting to crop up more and more.  The shops are already stocking cards and chocolates.  I find myself pushing my trolley past those aisles with a certain quickness to my step.  The past few years I've begun to dread Christmas more and more.  The sheer commercialness of it all totally depresses me. 

What happened to the Christmas of my childhood?  Carol singers and candle-light.  The nativity play when we could all have a good snigger at the crappy home-made costumes, and the child (usually one of mine) who said something wholly inappropriate half way through.  It's not that long ago - but already things have changed.  Nowadays the costumes are available to purchase from every supermarket. 

Where's the fun in that?  Who wants to see a cloned Nativity?  

Personally I'd much rather see a tea-towel head-dress or grandads tweed flat cap called into service.  And nothing beats a shepherd wearing his dad's Barbour down to his ankles (because his dressing gown is too ratty for public viewing).  Or a king wearing a wonky paper crown that slips over his head at regular intervals.  I could go on here at great length......  can you tell just how bad my costume efforts were?  I'm not prepared to divulge my Mary disaster.  Maybe one day, after wine.  And I may also slip in the bit about the rehearsal when a child (thank goodness it wasn't one of mine) actually did a poo in the middle of the church aisle.  That was hilarious!
Image found on Pinterest, via google - no link available
Anyway - perhaps I should actually start writing about what I intended to when I began this post.  Christmas wrapping.  I did my own DIY wrapping last year and was rather pleased with the result.  It's amazing how good a cheap roll of brown wrapping paper and household string can look with the minimum of time spent.  The addition of a stamp here and there and the odd button or two - and the finished package can look particularly classy.  And seeing as my efforts involved PVA glue in lieu of sticky tape, my gifts were also virtually impossible to open, and made for much amusement (on my part) come the great Christmas Day present opening flurry.

I can't do exactly the same again this year, so I've been merrily pinning away on Pinterest to source some inspiration.  And what loveliness have I discovered!  Not sure I can be bothered with the faff of making soming of these - my goodness, there's one or two that are so beautiful I doubt I could be parted with them.  What do you think?  Wouldn't these all look lovely around the Christmas tree. (until the cat gets hold of them anyway). 

If there's a tuturial for any of these makes, I have included it as a link under each photo.
from The Party Studio 
How sweet and simple is this little wrapping?  I'm loving the edging to the bags, and assuming you need special paper scissors to create it.  I don't possess those, so my version would replace this edging with a strip of vintage lace glued into place.
by Nora Griffin
Another simple, yet very effective wrapping.  The link provides no instructions - but should be very easy to replicate.  I'm loving the little coloured doily.  I haven't come across any of these locally, so may have to do some online investigation.  I suppose a white one would look equally pretty, particularly if I replaced the wool bow with a festive length of ribbon.
No tutorial - but DO check out the fabulous blog post. ADORABLE!
This is my favourite wrapping so far.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Incredibly simple - and just so effective.  The simple doily, the naive tag with it's cut out heart.  The gingham tie and ribbon.  The newspaper wrapping!  Now wrapping doesn't come much cheaper than this - and it is hard to beat on attractiveness.  Don't forget to look at the link for this photo, it's darling.  I've found another blog to add to my reading list!

*My own newspaper wrapping tip!
Throughout the year, if you see any amusing headlines, articles, or cartoons that you know would appeal to a friend or relative, rip them out and save in a box.  These are truly brilliant for adding to a brown paper package as a way of personalizing a gift.  The one I'm most proud of at the moment is the "YOU OLD GIT" headline that I found for my father-in-law.
by L'il Magoolie
 What about these sweet little packaging boxes?  They're quite charming, and wouldn't they be perfect to hang on the Christmas tree?  I don't think I have the patience to make them myself, but I do think they're lovely.  The tutuorial is on the link, and they look quite simple.  I can see so many uses for these.  On the tree, hanging on a garland - or with chocolates inside and stacked as a pyramid on a pretty plate.

You know what - I've talked myself into making some now!
by Miss Fancy Pants
Another great little packaging idea.  Okay - so the photo may be an Easter theme - but would look delightful in Christmas guise.  The template with clear instructions are beautifully written by Miss Fancy Pants (great title for a blog - may change mine to Mrs Big Pants).  These boxes are really dinky, and ideal for tiny gifts or tree treats.  

I'm not into paper crafts at all - and yet I find myself fighting the urge to go out and buy Christmas papers this afternoon!  Will be sitting on my hands for the rest of the day.
by Tara Anderson?
Now if you have the patience of a saint, and far too much time on your hands - you could be making some tags like these.   I absolutely LOVE this.  Forget any present - just give me the tag.  Beautiful, dainty, pretty, vintage, shabby chic, inpsired awesomeness.  I could go on.  I found this little lovely on Pinterest, and had a devil of a job to trace back the original post via half-baked links.  I am hoping that I have found the source in Tara Anderson.  Now click on my link to her flickr page - and try and tell me you haven't fallen instantly in love!  ................. toddling off to find her Etsy store later!

It's hard to follow that one, and I've been blathering on for ages as per normal.  So I shall bring this blog post to a close.  Sorry if I've depressed you about bringing you Christmas in September, but if you haven't been bombarded yet - where have you been?  

And where is it exactly - I'm coming to join you.

I have to be organised this year.....  I will not find myself wrapping presents in a snivelling sorry-for-myself drunken manner on Christmas Eve AGAIN.    Everyone is having a home-made pressie whether they like it or not.  It will be wrapped beautifully (at least the first few will.  After those the wine effect will no doubt take it's toll.) 

I shall end with these luscious little labels, which are available for free download...... and if you can't find something you like out of that little lot, it's a bad job!
over 135 sheets worth of printable labels!
 My final "Desperate Measures" wrapping tip 

If all else fails on the wrapping front......
If you've run out of sticky tape......
You've bought awkward presents impossible to wrap.........

or you're just too sozzled to care if it's wrapped or not........
Do not despair!
You can always do what I did one year......   Wrap everything in Bacofoil.  Nothing else required.  It squidges around everything beautifully, and sparkles wonderfully under the tree.   You'll get a few funny looks from superior relatives, but you'll have everything wrapped and ready in under half an hour.  Result!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bow Wow Wow

Gosh - I didn't realise how long it's been between blog posts.  Doesn't time fly when you're piddling about doing nothing? 

All I seem to want to do at the moment is sleep. When I'm awake, all I can think about is going back to bed.  I've even fallen asleep on the sofa a couple of times, which isn't like me at all.  Wouldn't mind so much if I looked better for it....... so much for beauty sleep!

In between my slumbering, I have at least managed to make something in the last week.  I've been doodling away in threads to make this cute piece of art.  I started off by sketching a dog outline in pencil onto slubby cotton, and then working it in back stitch using a black Perle 12 thread.  I've added a bit of interest using running stitch, and filled in the eyes with a satin stitch.

Once I'd finished the dog itself, I was at a bit of a loss what to do next.  I decided to add a little colour using three threads which complimented each other.  A sage green, dove grey and duck egg blue - again using Perle 12 thread.  The three rows of running stitch around the outline certainly seem to lift the picture a little, and give it a modern touch.

I've mounted the finished stitchery onto a deep frame, and finished the picture by adding three coats of Mod Podge.  This gives the picture durability and a better resistance to dust (much needed in my home).  It's also added a little texture which doesn't show up in the photographs.  I have lightly stippled the dog itself, which gives an impression of fur, whilst the outline has been slightly swirled with the brush to follow the curves made by the stitching.

I still haven't thought of a name for this little chap.......... lol .........says me.... convinced it's a boy!  I was thinking of Wilbur, but I'm not sure it suits him.  He looks more of a Bruce to me.  What do you think?

I'm in two minds whether to keep him or put him up for sale in my Folksy shop.  I'm not really sure if he's saleable or not.  Whilst I'm deciding, he can keep me company on the wall in my sewing room.  In a few days he should have a friend to join him, as I've already drawn the outline for another doggie embroidery - this time a Scottie.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Threads Haberdashery and Workshops

Last night I attended a sewing class run by Liz at the Threads Haberdashery & Workshops in Hayle, Cornwall.  I hadn't been before, but had seen the classes advertised via Twitter.  I haven't sewn a zip into anything in years, so when an evening class popped up featuring a pillow with invisible zip and piping, I thought it sounded perfect and signed up straight away.

Now I don't know about you, but I always feel really nervous going along to somewhere I haven't been before.  I come across as a really outgoing person, but I'm not at all.  I am quite shy, and don't cope with new situations very well.  A lot of the time I more or less force myself to go along to things, otherwise I would end up a hermit and never leave the house.

Hayle is about 20 miles from my home, and we set off with plenty of time to spare.  Hubby was driving me as he had things to do to fill up his time whilst the class was on.  An accident on the by-pass had me panicking that we were going to be late.....  How can you walk in late to a place where you haven't been before?  I'd have been mortified.  Luckily the traffic cleared and we got there just before the 7pm start time.

As soon as we drove into the cluster of workshops at Foundry Farm, I knew I was going to enjoy myself.  The renovated buildings are so quaint, with their cobbled car park.  Just my sort of place!  I could see the Threads sign straight away, with some pretty bunting and headed in, all nerves vanished the second I got out of the car.

Why had I worried so much about coming along?  Honestly I do get cross with myself, I'm always working myself up for nothing.  I needn't have worried at all!  Liz is so friendly, and I instantly felt at home in the pretty Threads workshop.  What a lovely idea to have a workshop with the sewing machines all set up and ready to use.  I've never been to a sewing class and not had to take a thing with me before - it felt quite strange!

Liz has a lot of pretty things decorating the walls of her workshop.  I spied pretty fabrics in funky fresh modern prints and colourways - which are quite hard to come across in Cornwall.  And trimmings..... lots of trimmings.  It doesn't take a lot to make me happy - Give me a selection of buttons to trawl through, and some reels of ribbons and ric-rac and I am in the zone!  My purse was doing flip-flops in my bag.  Sadly I was too busy sewing during the evening to get a chance to buy any of this loveliness.  What a shame..... it means I'll have to go back another time.  :)

I sat down at my little workstation, and felt totally at ease.  Liz prepares everything ready for the students when they arrive.  I had my own machine to work on, all threaded up and ready to go.  My own little box of sewing bits and bobs - pins, scissors, etc.  And the fabric for the cushion was also in a neat little pile in front of me, complete with all the notions I would need.  How fabulous is that?  The two machines above are all set up ready for the next class.  I didn't get a chance to have a nosey..... I wonder what they are making?

I was all smiley when I saw the fabrics that Liz had cut ready for our pillow making.  The same gorgeous green floral as in the opening picture, but with fabulous fuchsia for the binding.  I'm a sucker for bright pink!
The binding had been cut into strips for us, but we had to join them together to make a piece long enough to bind the cushion.  I was incredibly tired last night after a previous night without sleep, and boy did it show!  The way Liz joins binding is different to mine.  I love to try different things, and I was keen to try Liz's method - which is very straightforward, and was explained beautifully.  Could I get two pieces joined on the same side?  Well - I did eventually, via extended use of the provided stitch-picker, and Liz's immense patience and humour.  At no point during this excruciatingly drawn out process did I hear "You stupid cow" muttered once.  I was far too busy muttering it to myself.

With binding made and seams pressed open, we were ready for the next stage - preparing the piping.  After drinking my well received cup of hot black stuff I began.  I've never made piping before, and I've now discovered something I really enjoy doing.  With the zipper foot attached to the machine, it really is a doddle.  I could have carried on all evening. As it was we made far too much.  I'm sure I have enough left over to do another pillow........... Liz certainly doesn't skimp on her class requirements!

With the binding made and set aside, it was time to do the zipper!  At one time, I used to do a lot of dress-making and was attaching zips with ease.  I used to be able to grab a zip and insert into a garment without even thinking about what I was doing.  It's years now since I made clothing, and my brain has gone to mush in the zip department I can tell you.  This was my main reason for coming along to the class - I felt like a total beginner.  Liz explained each step really well - and it was a simple job to do.

The final part of our pillow making, was adding the piping.  I found it a little tricky to fold around the corners, and as I started stitching - I thought it was going to be a disaster.  (I wasn't the only one - there was a lot of mutter and laughter about wonky lines, squashed up corners etc).  Liz kept telling us - "Don't worry, it will be fine".  You know what?  She was right!  I'm not afraid to say I had one eye closed and the other half open as I turned the cover back to the right side.  It looked lovely.  The piping looks darn good though I say so myself - and it's even turned out square!  With the clock rapidly approaching the 9.30pm finish, there was just time to give the cover a final press, and whip my phone out of my bag to take a few photos.

I can say I thorough enjoyed my evening.  I learnt new things, and finished a complete project to take home.
It was great to meet Liz and spend time in her charming workshop.  I look forward to perusing the list of classes to see what I can go along to next.  I would recommend the workshops to sewers of any ability.  You will be made to feel welcome and at ease.  For beginners particularly - it is rather wonderful to have the machines there to use.  A chance to learn to sew and see if you like it, before having to splash out money on machinery.  As to the cost of the classes?  I think they are very reasonable indeed.  My class ran for two and a half hours.  With tuition, all materials provided and a cup of coffee - all for £15......  I'd call that excellent value!

Thank you Liz.

And here is the link again for the Threads website - Click here

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sew nearly a Kindle Cover

I've had one of those evenings!

I know I need to crack on and make a few things in readiness for the Creative Connections CRAFTfest or my "stall" is going to look mighty bare!  I've been feeling shattered all day, so knew it was no good starting on a big project.  Then I saw this pretty cup-cake fat quarter waving at me - and I thought "Kindle cover".  I gathered together my sewing accouterments and began.  Now - I never follow any patterns, unless it's one I've made myself...... and I've never made a kindle cover before.  So I grabbed my kindle and measured it using my cutting board, and added seam allowances..... or so I thought!

I livened up the front by added two vertical stripes in ric-rac and vintage lace, then on the horizontal used another piece of ric-rac and a pretty piece of polka dot ribbon.  For the fastening I adapted a shoulder strap from a pair of baby dungarees (always picking up bits like that in charity shops and car boot sales).

For the back I used denim from a pair of the hubby's jeans which I'd hacked apart for a previous project.  (He's never missed them!).  To add interest I've added some scraps, including a piece of the selvage from the cupcake fabric.  The little girl holding the cat is taken from a vintage postage card which I scanned, reduced, and then printed onto fabric.  For durability and protection I used wool felt to interline.  I didn't use wadding as I wanted to keep the profile of the cover as small as possible, with a view to putting inside various handbags.  For the lining I used a pretty lilac flower print on white - which was once a baby's dress.  It was all looking rather lovely......

Until I slipped my Kindle inside and realised I had forgotten to add an extra 1/2 inch allowance length ways.  Dur!  What a shame - it fitted perfectly, except my Kindle looked as though it was trying to escape by playing peekaboo at the top!  Ended up a quarter of an inch too short.

Rats!  Not to worry, as I've found a use for it.  It's now sitting in my handbag with my spare glasses, hand cream and lip glosses.  I also know I won't make the same mistake again.... Famous last words!

So folks - if you're looking for a Kindle cover you know who to ask. :)

Before you go - a quick reminder.....  Have you entered my autumn giveaway yet?  Just one day to go, for the chance to win a selection of fat quarters.  All you have to do is guess the number of buttons in the jar.  Come on - you know you want to - CLICK HERE to go to the post and leave a comment.  Simples!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Photo-a-day Challenge - Day 13

Today's theme - 2 ingredients you will use in any meal today

Why is it - whenever the challenge includes food.... it just happens to be a rare day when I haven't cooked? You're all going to be thinking I live on junk food! Honestly - I don't.

I was out for lunch today, nothing fancy - just a cafe lunch at the local supermarket. I can only eat one big meal a day. I ought to be the size of a sparrow, not the ostrich I seem to be turning into.

In lieu of an evening meal, I shall be sitting down in front of the television and scoffing this! And due to the bad weather - I also feel a hot chocolate moment coming on later.

And just in case you're wondering - on the menu tomorrow is a Sweet Chilli Sausage Casserole, which I shall leave simmering away in the slow cooker. I may well break my record for including a mammoth amount of vegetables. I usually throw in at least 6 portions - but I have loads to use up before my next veg box delivery comes.

Days 8 - 14

Day 8 - Must have a 'triangle' in it
Day 9 - anything 'yellow'
Day 10 - anything fluffy but not living
Day 11 - A cloud formation
Day 12 - Anything beginning with 'B'
Day 13 - 2 ingredients you will use in any meal today
Day 14 - The theme of 'time' interpret it any way you wish

I'm Cornish This Way!

Just have to share this with you......
For what it's worth - we don't all wear shorts and flip-flops!
Too darn cold...... though I've been known to carry on with the f-f's until November.

Bring Sis Boom to Britain!

Posted: 07 Sep 2011 01:20 PM PDT  (subsequently lost by Blogger, and found by Karen via her E-mail feed)
If, like me, you're a keen follower of all the crafty sew and sews in Twitterland, you will probably already be aware of the wonderful world of Sis Boom. If so, you will need no introduction - so do skim over to see why I'm feeling a tad special today. If you're a fabric fan and the name means nothing to you;
Where have you been?
Wait 'til you see what you've been missing!
An Introduction to Sis Boom

Introducing Jennifer Paganelli - the face and all-round lovely person behind the Sis Boom banner.

To quote direct from the fabulous Sis Boom website -
As a designer, Jennifer Paganelli finds inspiration in everything. Sis Boom™, her one-of-a-kind vintage products company, is the inspiration distilled from several lives: her youth in the Great Lakes region of the US, her adolescence spent in the vibrant Caribbean, her college years in traditional New England, followed by career-building in the clamor of New York City. Today, she and her company are located in leafy rolling countryside of the Northeast. It’s here where she takes a breath and gets to work everyday.

“I try to design gifts and items that help us share memories with those we love. My designs are rooted in the things I handled as a child,” says Jennifer. “The materials I choose, whether a vintage ornament or a simple cutout, elicit a memory from everyone who sees them,” she continues. “I love it when people call it ‘eye candy’ because that’s how I feel about it –it fills you right up.” Sis Boom’s fans include all kinds of people, from celebrities to traditional “crafty types” to Folk Art collectors. In fact, for several years running, Paganelli’s designs have been placed in the American Folk Art Museum lobby glass cases.

The Sis Boom Collection, its name adopted from her childhood nickname given to her by her twin brother, defies easy categorization. With unusual artistry and a love of texture and a blend of vivid colors, Jennifer uses tag sales, flea markets and European sources as a starting point to create her art.
Jennifer’s connection to all things vintage, including fabrics, forms the basis of her textile work. She clearly identifies with their strong, saturated and lively color and seeks to incorporate these elements into her “Girlfriends” line, her first for Free Spirit.

Sis Boom has been seen all over the world and featured in magazines such as Country Living, Ladies Home Journal, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens and many others. Jennifer can always be reached through her website and welcomes you to step into her world of shared memories here on her blog.

Bring Sis Boom to Britain!
Have you taken a look at the site?
Have you fallen in love with the fabric?
Did you see the fabulous Girls World book?
Question - Why, oh why - isn't Sis Boom routinely stocked by stores here in the UK?

I've never seen it anywhere. Mind you, I will admit that living in Cornwall my choices are somewhat restricted. However, I have looked online - and no joy. Sniff.

Jennifer is a keen Twitterer - adding fabulous photos on a regular basis. I sigh whenever a fabric photo is posted; immediately pinning it to my Pinterest Fabric Fetish board with demented fervour. I don't retweet everything that crosses my timeline, but I do retweet things that I really like. As there's not a piece of fabric from Sis Boom that I haven't liked to date - I suppose that's quite a few tweets!

Anyways..... to get to the point. Jennifer has noticed my tweets, (yes, lil ol' me!) picking up on the fact that I'm begging for it to be sold in the UK - and obviously she would love it to be here too.
Drum roll please......

Boppity, boppity, boom

Bless you sweetheart!

A package arrived for me yesterday afternoon. I was speechless (ask anyone who knows me - this doesn't happen often). Inside - A selection of Sis Boom fabrics, just for me. Better than a birthday or what?

Delighted isn't the word..... Ecstatic fits the bill far better. Aren't they fabulous?
I hope I get this right.... but I do believe they form part of one of the latest fabric ranges -
A wonderfully vibrant range, in stunning colourways.

Just look at this bird!
Beautiful - and against that zingy green.... simply stunning.
(JP54GREEN | Matillda)
And look at these!
So bright and colourful - don't they just sing at you?
(from the top - JP51BRANDY | Luca, JP53PINK | Marie, JP50YELLOW | Velentina)

And still more - oh, how I'm loving these birdies!
(brown floral = JP50COCOA | Velentina, blue bird = JP54BLUE | Matillda)

Wouldn't you be delighted too?
Can you forgive me for using so many exclamation marks in a post?


Thrilled *** Thrilled *** Thrilled

(Sorry - couldn't resist - in silly mode)

Thank you so much Jennifer*. Receiving this package was a true delight, and an unexpected pleasure. You are incredibly kind and generous, and I am one very happy bunny.

If you are in the UK and loving these fabrics too - please can I ask a big favour. Please send this post to any fabric stockists you buy from. Goodness knows they need the hint. I believe you have the option to send an email by the comments section. Also - have a good tweet about it, people start to sit up and take note from the twitter world nowadays.

*Note - I feel I must point out that at no time has Jennifer ever asked me to promote Sis Boom, or have I asked if she would like me to promote it on her behalf. It is simply a case of me loving the fabric ranges and it being noticed. She doesn't even know I've written this post, until I tweet about it later.
and a final flourish before ending.....
There's even a range of lovely Sis Boom patterns too!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Autumn Giveaway Time

I'm more than a trifle ticked off with Blogger. My post of yesterday has vanished into thin air during the day - and I haven't been near a computer. It was the first time I'd entered a post using the new interface, and I was liking the way it worked. Shame I didn't try a short post first, but no...... dibble decided to do a long article didn't she!


Back to the old Blogger me thinks.

Anyways... I was thinking that it's been such a dismal few days - why not think of something to brighten the mood. Why not have a little giveaway?

Trying to be a little different - I've come up with a little competition. It's quite simple.......

How many buttons in the jar?

I've no idea myself, so it will be interesting to find out.

To give you something on which to base your guess, I can tell you I am able to hold the little jar comfortably in one hand. Also I have used a few of the buttons so the jar isn't quite full.

So.... What do you think? Are you going to have a go?

To enter, please be following my blog in some manner - be it through Blogger, RSS, or Networked Blogs. And if you can tweet about the little competition I would be ever so grateful.

The Prize?

Nothing spectacular..... I'm not likely to be in the realms of an AcuQuilt Go Baby anytime soon (though I'd do that baby proud I can tell you).

I have picked a little selection of 5 fat quarters from my stash, which will go to my follower who is closest to the correct number of buttons.

If by some miracle anybody does guess the exact number (surely not possible?), I will up the prize to reflect such an outstanding (sheer luck) achievement.

The competition will run until Sunday evening. I will announce the winner on Monday.

Hmmm - I wonder how many there is?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Photo-a-day Challenge - Day 12

Theme for today - Anything beginning with 'B'

Introducing........ Bramble the Hedgehog

Okay, okay..... I know!
It's just that I took this photo last night and it's soooo cute.

A considerable amount of effort was involved in taking this picture. Firstly containing the dogs who went berserk when they saw it. I don't suppose I blame them; doubt I'd be too happy if I tried to cock my leg on it either. So there I am, standing motionless for many minutes in the Cornish drizzle, with camera tensed ready for action (almost KungFu like standing on a plinth - only I wasn't standing on one and there's nothing remotely ninja about me).

I thought about being clever and inventing a Latin sounding name that just so happened to begin with a B. However, after a half pint of cherry brandy jelly that's not going to happen anytime soon. So....... Bramble it is.

I know it's his name, he told me.

PS - do you like my bunny pic? This has been my RavingRabbit avatar on various sites for years. Very fond of him.

Days 8 - 14

Day 8 - Must have a 'triangle' in it
Day 9 - anything 'yellow'
Day 10 - anything fluffy but not living
Day 11 - A cloud formation
Day 12 - Anything beginning with 'B'
Day 13 - 2 ingredients you will use in any meal today
Day 14 - The theme of 'time' interpret it any way you wish

Fabric Rehab is just fab!

Yesterday I was delighted to receive my first ever order from Fabric Rehab 
I came across the link on Twitter, and you know what it's like - you can't resist taking a quick peek!

Well..... that was me lost for quite some time!

The site is full of fabric gorgeousness, just screaming "buy me, buy me".  

All completely my style - I could have gone mad, but my bank account said no!  Instead I spent ages picking a few choice pieces that I couldn't possibly leave there.  What do you think of the little bird fabric above..... Isn't it darling?

 There is such a wide choice of fabric on the site.  Absolutely perfect for me - as it's choc-full of bright, zingy modern and retro prints.  It's not often I find it hard to choose - but believe you me, with enough
resources, my shopping basket could easily have turned into a trolley
I'm loving the retro look of the leaf print, it reminds me so much of 50's fabric. The background is a wonderful duck-egg blue, and the leaves are so zingy and fresh.  I was rather arf-like* when I opened the package.

I'm loving the quirkiness of this chicken print fabric too!

With limited funds available (aka my overdraft), I rounded off my order with this fabulous selection of fat quarters.  I'm rather partial to a pink and red combo - I find it so cheerful to look at.

If you haven't come across Fabric Rehab before, I do suggest you scurry your fingers across the keyboard pronto.  As well as having a great fabric selection, the prices are very competitive - and best of all - the  standard postage charge is just £2!  Isn't that fantastic?  I certainly thought so. 

My order arrived quickly - and I am so pleased with my fabric choices.  I will definitely be ordering again.

Here's the link again, in case you want to pop over and have a peek at all the fabric loveliness. 

*arf-like   -   The phenomenon when a person clap hands together repeatedly whilst emitting "arf arf" vocals in a seal like manner.