Monday, 13 June 2011

And the winner of my Giveaway is...

Congratulations to Juliet....
A purple themed Little Tweetheart kit will be winging it's way to you shortly.  Please message me your address xx

Thank you to everyone who took the time to look at my Blog.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Crafty Inspiration

found here
Don't you just love this poster - it's so simple.  I want it printed on a bag!

Over the years I've tried all sorts of crafts.  I've had a long dalliance with watercolour painting, a brief sojourn with cross-stitch....and have finally found my niche with sewing.  However, I'm still coming across new things that I'd like to try.  Are you the same?

See if these give you any ideas........
Tutorial on The Lovely Residence Blog
Isn't this pretty!  I've long admired the wide array of scrap booking papers available, it's like looking through stacks of fabric samples.  Scrap booking has never appealed to me - but now.... here's a way to show off the gorgeous papers.  It looks mighty complicated to me, but the effect is brilliant.

from Fine
These pretty tea-light lanterns look so effective painted, don't you think?  And how simple to do.
These wedding invitations are inspired!  Printed onto calico envelopes.  How great would it be to receive a letter like this through the post?

Gorgeous little apple lights.  How perfect for an evening barbecue to decorate the tables.
I'm loving this simple idea for a personalised gift - and how easy to make!
Tutorial available from
And I'm in total admiration and awe for this sewn tea-set.  I think it's fantastic, and on sourcing the original link I've found there's a tutorial for it.  Wonder what the fabric is?  It's gorgeous.
Finally - I added this believing it was handcrafted, but on researching the link I don't think it is. However....  it's got me thinking now.....   White fabric machined in red and blue to look like writing paper.  Mounted on a frame, with yellow fabric "post-its" with words of inspiration embroidered on.  What do you think?

Monday, 6 June 2011

Little Tweetheart Doodle Keepsake - Kit Giveaway!!!

I've been a busy little bee today.  Even the arrival of the second issue of Mollie Makes didn't deter me for too long.  (okay it did really, but let's pretend shall we!).  For a while I've been working on my Little Tweethearts Sew Simple collection.  I have several projects all mapped out, it has been making them up that has slowed me down.

I've only gone and finished one!

May I introduce my first ever kit........ (drum roll please)
Little Tweetheart Doodle Keepsake

I'm so pleased to be showing you this.... that I'm also going to offer my first ever giveaway too!
A complete kit to make your very own tweetheart.  

Kit Includes

Everything you need to make the heart (you only need add stuffing)
Buttons (including 2 of my Cajame ceramics)
Vintage Lace
Vintage crocheted doily
Part of the Little Tweethearts Sew Simple Collection
Pretty Portable Projects - Ready to Go
Hand sew your own special Keepsake

Full instructions will help you complete your Little Tweetheart in no time at all.  Each kit will be provided with a personalised Doodle design if requested.  I will include any names/words as required, all hand doodled and ready to embroider.  The fabric shapes are all pre-cut and backed with vilene or bondaweb as appropriate.  You really do only need to thread a needle and you're off!

The perfect make to carry around in your bag, it would be an ideal project to do of a lunchtime, or whilst travelling to and fro work.  Although there is a lot of embroidery involved, they are all very simple stitches and so it does come together quickly.

The little tweet has been appliqued onto a calico heart by blanket stitch, with the wording My Little Tweetheart embroidered in back stitch.  The heart has then been doodled with a variation of stitches, designs and words.  On this one I've included, SMILE, LOVE, LAUGH and TWEET.  With a perky button eye and floral wing - she's a pretty little thing.

The reverse hasn't been forgotten either!  I've designed the heart as a keepsake, so there's a little vintage lace edged pocket for hiding away a little treasure.  What could it be I wonder?  A lock of hair, a baby tooth, a piece of vintage jewellery, perhaps even a love letter - carefully folded away.  With pretty buttons and a vintage crochet doily, this Little Tweetheart harks back to times gone by.  The main body of the heart and the hanger are in pastel gingham.  (available in either pale pink or pale green).

I'll also be including one of my button-heart bag charms, and a little surprise or two.


Simple ... Please may I ask that you
1. Leave a comment
When leaving a comment, please let me know what colour heart you would prefer, and what words you would like to embroider on (maximum 4).

2. Retweet the Giveaway message (if on Twitter, or give me a shout on Facebook)

That's it!
The winner will be chosen randomly at 6pm (UK time) next Monday.
and...  Follow my Blog if you'd like to
(I'll admit it - I'm desperate for followers, so please give me a chance - I try to make it interesting and fun - honestly!)

Have just had the jitters - what if no-body likes it!  Skulks off crossing fingers and looking for wine.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pretty in Pink

Roses and Ruffles Quilt

I just love anything that's pink.  There's something so cheerful and warm about it.  So this is what today's blog is all about......  Pink, pink and more pink!

I'm a big fan of raggy quilts.  I enjoy making them, and I love the way they improve with each wash.  I couldn't cope with anything so screechingly cute on my bed - but how gorgeous would it be for a little girls room?  The link offers a downloadable PDF pattern for this design, though the quilt is so straightforward, I doubt it is needed.

Darling Phoebe
I have to sneak my dear little dog into the frame.  This is how she appeared after discovering my make-up bag.  Blusher everywhere - but she looked so pretty it was impossible to be cross with her.  Phoebe was just a puppy here and extremely tiny. A Bichon Frise, she's an absolute darling and a joy to have as a pet.  She's a constant companion and loves nothing more than to snuggle in for a cuddle.
Arrangement by Dandelion Ranch
This flower arrangement is absolutely beautiful.  The roses look fabulous against the sea-foam background.  Perfection!
by AnneJulie Art
I've just discovered this artist and really love her style.  Very feminine and girly.... do take a look at her site as her art is fantastic.
I'm loving this decor.  Simple and effective, the pink walls are given added zing by the contrasting green seat cushions.  I'm quite taken by the lettering on the wall too.

This hair colour is fabulous.  If I had blond hair I would be dying it this colour tomorrow.  Sadly my hair is far too dark, so I'll have to be content with my cerise streaks.

I really need this coat from Sense of Fashion!
This coat!  I want it very badly, but I don't think I'd ever manage to keep it clean!
Unsure of source - but found on this blog
 This dresser is amazing.  Can picture it in a huge white painted kitchen, with natural slate floors and a pink Aga.  Doubt my hubby would be quite so keen, but imagine all the cupcake accessories I could make

From Etsy - unable to find the original link

Now I've seen these fabric branches, I really want to make some.  The leaves are a doddle, but I need to figure out what to use for the branches.  This is my sort of houseplant.... even I can't kill these.

What a lovely arrangement this is..... I wonder if the roses smell as good as they look?

from Rachel Denbow's blog
This room would look quite bland, despite all the artwork displayed on the wall.  The clever addition of the cerise chairs really brings the room to life, giving it real character.  I love it.
What a dreamy piece of art
What can I say about this picture?  Dreamy photography.... I can't figure out if the pink cloud is photoshopped or a smoke cannister.  Whatever - the finished result is fantastic.  I discovered this on Pinterest.  I'm not sure but I think the artist is by a Syliva ?  The link goes to her Pinterest page, and there are some fantastic photos on there.  Check out the images with balloons, they're realy lovely.

I do hope you've enjoyed my little foray into the world of pink.  I'm ending with this stunning sunset.
Imagine standing there watching the sun go down.  Oh!  Fabulous stuff.
print for sale on

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Crafty Sew & Sews - Super Storage Inspiration

Woudn't this be wonderful?

Who doesn't need more storage space for all their sewing paraphanelia?  I know I do.....  I've got boxes tucked away here there and everywhere in my home.  I've got a lovely desk, but it's a tad difficult to get at it as it's virtually buried away under the chaos of fabric and equipment.  Likewise underneath it - it would be a herculean task to manage to fit my legs beneath (and that would be after fighting my way onto my chair).   I do have a large shelving unit in the garge, and it's very neat and organized - but, and it's a big but...... it's not pretty in the least.

I want pretty, I want girly, I want yummy pastel colours..... I want practical!

Lets spend a little while cooing over some storage inspiration - I think there's some great ideas, and some are really cheap and easy to do. I've linked all the photos should you wish to investigate further.

Isn't this just a brilliant idea for storing buttons and beads?  The tiered cake-stand does the trick of sorting the colours and manages to look fantastic at the same time.  This lovely little creation belongs to Kendra McCracken

from Remodelaholic
And here's another fantastic cake inspired idea....
This time a cup-cake stand filled with little glasses.  Super cute and easily accessible. 

As seen in BHG
Is it possible to have a storage area any more girly than this?  Pastelled to the max and super twee, I still love it.  It makes me feel all relaxed and smiley just looking at it.  Surely the sun must always be shiny if you have this in your home!

Completely the other end of the decorating spectrum, this rack screams utility and modernity whilst still managing to look attractive.  By CraftyNest it is made from recycled bits and pieces.  I'm sure thats an old spice rack I can see.

I'm loving this little ladder.  I definitely need to be on the lookout for an old step-ladder to add a distressed paint finish to (I'm thinking white with duck-egg blue?).  I know it doesn't hold much, but it looks so pretty.... and what a great way to showcase a few special quilts.  This lovely creation is from AnK Bowtique

(It's at this point that I must stamp my feet and have a little 
hissy fit.... Blogger has started playing up AGAIN!  It was 
going so well - and now it's decided to stick and refuse to
let me put text and photos where I want.  So annoying.
Is anyone else having the same problems?)

Right-ho.  I've given the computer a hefty kick and told it what I think of it, so lets see if it will play ball....

I think I'm a little bit in love with the next storage star.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  Totally covetable... and I'm not sure I can live without it.  If the rest of the house matches this it must be divine.  (A brief peek at the website from whence it came confirms this suspicion).  I take my hat off to The Fancy Farmgirl - Can I come back as you in my next life?

I'm such a floozy..... as well as loving that little number, I've got a bit of a thing going on with this nifty green specimen.  How can a girl resist?  I mean - just look at the paintwork and the cubby holes....Phwoar!!!
found on Flickr - ScrapStudio

Not only are those gorgeous - this last one comes close in the lovely stakes.  If pushed I suppose I could force myself to fit them all in.  Only if I had to mind...  lol  (And especially if they all came supplied with their contents!  Oh....... Just imagine the delights?

from a Ribbon at a Time    

Friday, 3 June 2011

Foxhollow's Friday Workshop

Grab your sewing basket and toodle down the garden path with me.  The kettle's on in the cabin and the coffee is brewing....

Sadie and Anne are deep in concentration.

Whilst meanwhile I am out on the porch in the rocking chair enjoying a coffee, and making a fuss of Benji.

Humph.... I was beaten to it!  Diane and Myra have nabbed the table on the porch.  I'm just not awake enough in the mornings. 

All the ladies today (with the exception of me) are
making this bag...

It's a lovely design, and Elaine has already made several of them in different colourways.
Everyone has chosen different fabrics to work with. 

Bow Tucks Tote - by Penny Sturges (Quilts Illustrated)

Totally oblivious to the camera :)

Here, Elaine is showing the class how to create the bottom of the bag.

The class is a light-hearted affair with lots of laughter, and the odd mistake here and there.  Luckily Elaine is always to the rescue, and sorts everyone out.

Lunch is served in the cottage by Terry, who today dished us up a delicious homemade Lasagne.  It was lovely, yet we all still managed to find room for pudding.  (I passed on the trifle, but it was a big thumbs up for the apple streudel).

Fat and full we rolled back to the cabin for the afternoon session.  I carried my work outside to sit in the shade and pretend to look busy.  Everyone was cracking on with their bags, even the garden table was called into service for fabric glue.

I tried hard here to get an "action" photo of work in progress.  It proved impossible, as Anne and Barbara were determined to smile for the camera.

Opposite is Anne's bag nearing completion - I'm loving her choice of fabrics.... very summery and fresh looking.

Diane and Myra happy at their work....

Meanwhile - I'm doing my own thing.

I'm putting together a "Little Tweethearts" Sew Simple collection - all items that can be hand sewn portable projects.  Bit of faffing still to be done, but I'm getting there.  I'm loving the little heart-shaped

flappy wings.  This photo is of my lap quilt.  I'm combining fresh modern fabric with some vintage lace and ribbon, then throwing in a handful of buttons and yo-yo's for good measure.  Results so far look promising.

What do you think of this beauty below?  Isn't it gorgeous!  This is what's on the programme for the next workshop.  It's a charm-pack quilt and it lives up to its name - it's very charming indeed.

A combination of machine-applique, paper piecing, hand-applique, embroidery and fabric flowers - it's a real treasure... and of all Elaine's
quilts, this is most definitely my favourite at
the moment.

Here's the centre panel shown in a little more detail.  Can you make out the dinky little flowers that form the heart.  There's a piece of vintage lace in the centre.  Elaine has done all the quilting by hand.  (The ladies can't wait to start theirs!)

The workshops take place at Foxhollow Quilters in Cornwall.  Classes are held on alternate Fridays and are very popular.  If you are interested in finding out more - please take a look at Elaine's page -   It needs updating at present as Elaine has been badly let down by her technical support team (Me!).  It will however give you a good idea of the sort of things that are on offer, and anyone who does decide to come along will be made to feel very welcome.