Saturday, 28 May 2011

Where on Earth's my Needle?

Where on earth's my needle? ... I'm sure I put it there,
glanced away for just a tick - It isn't anywhere!
I've searched the sofa, searched the mat, it's driving me insane...
I've even checked the bloody cat, in case she is too blame.

There's always some diversion that stops me sewing thread,
The phone, my job, the postman calls...daydream in my head.
The dogs need walking, kids need food, husband's lost his keys,
I do these things & want to scream "Let me do my sewing PLEASE!

Inside my head's a catalogue - ideas not yet begun,
Add to that the pile of WIPs all hoping to get done...
Enough to keep me busy well into sometime next year.
But which year? (I often ask myself, it is my private fear.)

I am the Queen of putting off those things that must be done,
So easily distracted, it's simply not much fun.
I'm going to try so very hard .... Hey, Folksy - here I come...
But first I need my needle - I've found it... In my bum!!!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Boston Freedom Trail

Got your walking shoes on? Never mind.... Let's meander around the Boston Freedom trail in pictures.

Ashamed to say I've forgotten most of the historical stuff!

I just love this photo of the steeple against the sky...

I'm fascinated by architecture and couldn't resist snapping this feature...

Was charmed by the name of this bank - and what would five cents get you nowadays?

Love this shot combining the old and the new - a famous landmark, all but swallowed up by the modernity around....

Rather proud of this shot...

Should you ever get the chance to go to Boston, whatever you do don't miss this treat.... Foodie heaven

Was captivated by this architecture

One of the most poignant memorials I have ever seen - a dog tag hanging for every US serviceman lost in the Iraq war. Simple - just listening to the tags rustling in the breeze made my spine tingle.

Hmm - wonder if it is?

One of the prettiest shop windows - sadly I could afford nothing inside, extortion comes to mind. (those fab cowboy boots were $700!)


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Foxhollow - Cornish Quilting & Quaintness

Hello there. Are you going to join me in a little tour of Foxhollow?

Foxhollow is a quaint little cottage, tucked away down a quiet country lane in deepest Cornwall. The home of my in-laws, it oozes gorgeousness at every turn, both inside and out. A lucky few come along and share the delights on Fridays, when Elaine holds her Foxhollow Quilters Day Classes.
We all gather round in the Country cabin and coo over the latest makes, whilst Terry is indoors preparing us a delicious lunch.

Grab your coffee..... Come explore with me......

Isn't this gorgeous? It's just a small sample piece made by Elaine and displayed in the cabin. I'm always drawn to it. I think the collection of rosy fabrics against the black is stunning.

Now imagine sitting down for lunch and gazing around at sights like this next one. There are little collections of the prettiest things everywhere. It's a visual delight, but I'm oh so glad it's not me who has to do the dusting.

Plants also abound. How Elaine finds time to garden and sew I'll never know, but she does both with great skill and aplomb. Yes, I know anyone can grow a fern, but how pretty does this look with the cherubs nestling underneath?

We're in the conservatory now. Anyone for afternoon tea? There's certainly no shortage of beautiful vintage china...

Introducing the country cabin, where up to eight Quilters may come along and enjoy the ambience and skill of Elaine's tutoring. It is crammed to the rafters with beautiful makes and collectables, and is a joy to enter. As the seasons change then so does the country style decor. The wallhangings, quilts and cushions give a new freshness throughout the year as the display alters and we must search to spot the new seasonal decorations.

What do you think of this little lovely? Yesterday I was greeted with "Come down to the cabin Jan, I must show you what I made yesterday" -

It's gorgeous.... A delightful cacophony of vintage lace, buttons and trimmings. It would have taken me a week to produce that!

In another corner of the cabin are all these treasures - not forgetting the cosy little wood burner, warming us up in the winter months and upon which lovely scents are brewed in the copper kettle, sending the wonderful aromas of pine, cinnamon and cloves wafting about us.

Elaine is so very talented, it's a job to know where to start in showcasing her creations. I'm choosing this one as a taster, a little glimpse to whet your appetite. The pretty geranium plate was purchased in Turkey when on holiday. Its such a fresh and pretty design, and within a few days of returning home, this charming little cushion had been produced to match....

Let's get down to some sewing now. Can you see yourself sitting around the table.... everyone busy bring creative, working at their own pace - sharing stories and a laugh? No-one has ever been only once. Once drawn into the delightful lair of Foxhollow they are snared like moths to a flame.

Have we time to pop back to the conservatory? A favourite sewing and reading spot when it's too chilly for sitting out in the garden. Can you see Posy on her throne? And - what on earth is Elaine making now? Lets take a closer look....

Oh - it's jolly beautiful, and my photo doesn't do it justice. Now - I know I was told what this form of embroidery was called, but for the life of me I can't remember... I do know however, that it requires special threads! (and a special amount of patience too I don't wonder).

Before you take your leave, can you resist a fat quarter,or a yard or two to slip into your handbag. There's no shop as such here... But there's usually something to tempt us to open our purses...

So - that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed it. There's much more to come from this little Cornish gem. I'll sign off with a little tease of a future gardening entry. Simply divine.... Can you smell the fragrance?

Note - Quilting day classes for all abilities are held at Foxhollow on alternate Fridays. There is a varied programme, with classes running from 10-4, including lunch and refreshments. Classes are booked well in advance and very popular. If you are in Cornwall and interested, please message me - I will be happy to answer any questions.

Elaine is also available for Show and Tell talks - her collection of quilts is a joy to behold, and provides an interesting afternoon or evening for any local crafting or sewing group.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Serious Studio Envy

Don't we all dream of that perfect space? That crafty little haven that you can call your own, decorate as you wish, and in which you can unleash your creative side to it's full potential. Oh how I wish!

Just a brief little google search unearthed this little lovely - isn't it gorgeous? Highly recommended for a coffee break... type in sewing studio, sit back and enjoy. (take care though, or you could still be browsing at tea-time).

Trouble is, for most of us we simply don't have the space, therefore the studio of our dreams remains just that. Particularly in the UK, our homes simply don't have the space. Our creative genius is blighted by the restraints of family needs and that ever present stumbling block - budget.

However, given the opportunity I would grab it with both hands. Aside from my kitchen, the studio of my dreams would become the hub of my home.
What would I require: A light and airy room, a spacious desk in front of a window with a lovely view to aid contemplation. A large workstation space for machining and cutting out, and of course - storage space.... And lots of it.

My dream studio has a vast expanse of duck egg blue walls - the perfect colour as a backdrop for showcasing my glorious makes. The desk would be a shaker style chunk of loveliness.. I'm thinking a distressed paint finish, white with a hint of duck egg peeking through - and with heart shapes cut out as the drawer handles. The floor would be in natural slate laid in a random pattern of different sizes, with beautiful rag rugs to soften the look (handmade by myself of course). With floor to ceiling storage in white, there would be room against one wall to place a white wrought-iron daybed, on which to display my stunning quilts and cushions.... and upon which I could recline, soak in all the loveliness and pat myself on the back for being such a terrific creative genius.

Ringing any bells?

Just in case you're stumped for ideas, let's take a little peak at some glorious studios - and yes I can safely say I am more than a tad jealous. You lucky, lucky people.... These are simply marvellous:

This one... Oh sigh.... And please can I move in? Go on let me, let me...

Am loving the trimmings and ribbon storage here - neat, stylish and oh so pretty...

This one as it is so similar to my jumbled boho space...

This one is so beautiful I could weep...

As for the vintage charm of this little lovely... Marvellous - and would you have guessed it's part of a dolls house?

Look at the size or the worktable - I have to make do with the floor...

Tres Chic!

And this one is so fun and fresh - and so neat and tidy. Stunning simplicity.

What utterly wonderful rooms these all are. Dreamy loveliness.

One day, one day.........