Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Shining Hexamples

From Lily's Quilts (gorgeous blog) There's even a Hexalong - instructions and all!
Whilst dropping hubby at work very early the other morning (I needed the car later), we were sat at traffic lights when I noticed the most amazing hexagon ceramic tiles on a building. Very arty, beautiful colours, and applied to look as though they are tumbling out of the wall - stunning. Once home and dressed..... (yes - I did go out in my jim-jams and slippers - ... it's okay no-one saw me - it was still dark), I have spent a pleasant wee while gazing adoringly at hexagons via Pinterest. Personally I've never completed anything made out of hexagons, though I've started a few. I did quite a bit of a quilt top many years ago, spending hours on it. I wonder whatever happened to that? So... one thing I know for sure - is the amount of time involved with sewing the little lovelies. Simple as they look, they sure are labour intensive. One day, I may dabble with them again, but in the meantime I will admire from a safe distance, and feel humbled by the patience of the creative genius behind such wonderful makes.

I will share with you a few stunning hexamples......

1.  Just look at this gorgeous quilt above.... it's quite beautiful.  I love everything about it; fab fabrics, a great mix of pattern and design..... an eclectic masterpiece.  Do pop along and have a look at Lily's Quilts site - it's quite lovely, and a firm favourite of mine.

The Beekeepers Quilt - by Tiny Owl Knits

2.  Isn't this knitted quilt stunning?  The patience required to knit all those little hexagons... I could weep!  As to joining them all together - oh my!  What a wonderful heirloom piece.  It would be no good having one of these in my home, the cat would make it her life's ambition to destroy it as soon as possible.  The blog post by Stephanie Dosen on her Tiny Owl Knits site, has some great photos of the work in progress - and should you be so inclined - there is even a link to the pattern so you can create your own.

3.  I'm loving the cheerful mix of fabrics in this WIP by Ruth's Designs.

So summery and bright - how could anyone fail to be cheered by it.  Looking through her flickr set of makes, this is just one of many wonderful works. 

4.  Crochet gets in on the hexagonal act too.  I simply adore this zingy blanket by Coco Rose.

The blog post containing this little beauty showcases several other crochet creations, all of which are fantastic.  I'm also rather taken by the pretty little cushion which compliments the blanket perfectly.  Duck-egg blue is my favourite colour.

5.  These darling cushions by nanaCompany are so charming.  The mix of tiny florals in colours that would normally clash, work beautifully.  I love the mix of pale pink with zingy red.  It brings a very traditional style bang up to date, and the neutral linen background really make the hexagons leap out at you.

6.  I'm totally blown away by this stunning purse.  Before I checked out the Linen and Raspberry blog, I assumed the fabric was a rather wonderful piece of printed hexagons.  Oh no!  This is teeny-tiny patchwork perfection.  Go check out the blog, and see just how tiny those little lovelies are.  I absolutely adore this make, and love everything about it.  From the gorgeous fabrics, down to the pretty purse handle... this has to be one of the loveliest creations I've come across in quite a while.
7.  And if the thought of hand-piecing all those awkward little shapes together isn't daunting enough.... why not do a bit of embroidery on each?  How pretty will this look when it's finished.  I wish I could find the link for the original post, but I can only track it back as far as google and no further.  
8.  If you can't get enough of the shape - how about hexagons made from hexagons?  Wow!  Again another WIP with sooo much work involved, but won't the finished piece be awesome?  I have tracked this picture back to Pleasant Home though I can't find the original post.  Shame.  (wish people would provide proper links in the first place!).

Looking at all these wonderful makes leaves me feeling in awe of other's talents.  The combination of patience and time involved simply blows me away.  I'll make something with hexagons one day, I really will!  Until the day I bite the bullet and start a hexagonal masterpiece, perhaps I could cheat a little and do something like this with one of my old machines......

A few scraps of pretty paper and a tub of Mod Podge = instant hexagonal gratification!  Find the post on ModgePodgeRocks


  1. Ooh I love sexy hexies. I'm itching to get started on either a crochet throw or a patchwork quilt, but I have so many other WIPs to finish first... *sigh*

  2. Thanks for sharing your 'hexagon heaven', I liked reading about what inspired you to 'think hexagon' today


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