Monday, 14 November 2011

My Bucket List (my 100th Post)

As this is my 100th post - I wanted to write a memorable post for myself.  So here is my bucket list, in no particular order.....  can I manage 100 things I would like to do?  It's going to be a jumble of thoughts, dreams and aspirations.  Whilst some are definitely doable, others most certainly aren't.  But where are we without dreams?

I wonder how many of these will be shared by others? ......................

1.  Write a book and get it published  This has been my dream for as long as I can remember.  If only I could knuckle down and write!  I've been making a start by writing articles for craft magazines, which I've thoroughly enjoyed.   One day.... when I decide on my subject; it could be sewing related, a thriller, even an erotic novel.  I know I have the imagination and the writing skills, it's just the "get down to it and concentrate" that I lack.

2. Run a sewing workshop/coffee shop  Totally pie in the sky, considering my finances, but how wonderful would it be?  I have it all planned out in my head, including layout, style - even the coffee cups!  Perhaps when I win the lottery.

3.  Become a morning person  I waste so much of the day in my morning zombie-like state.  I would love to be that sort of person that jumps out of bed all zingy and fresh, all raring to go.  Never likely to happen, but I live in hope.

4.  Own a motor-home  This is definitely a dream I hope will turn into reality.  To be able to chuck the hubby and dogs in and drive!  I want to show my husband my favourite places in the UK first - including Welsh borders, the Highlands, Peak District and North Devon.  I've been around most of the UK, but there's a few bits I haven't visited.... the Lake District being top of my list.

5.  Tour Europe in motor-home  Once the UK is under my touring belt, I would like to up sticks and tour Europe for a few months.  I've driven through most of it before, but would love the opportunity to travel without the pressure of time and stop wherever takes my fancy.  Rural France, the Alps, Switzerland, Austria,  Italian Lakes.....  I could go on!

6.  Master Photoshop  I'm pretty good at Photoshop, but lack the skills to create the digital art that is in my head.  I get so frustrated with myself, and looking at the pages of instructions turns my head to mush.  I hate following instructions, and tend to the live by the rule that if I can't fathom it out by myself I don't do it.

7.  Cage Diving with Great Whites  I've dived with sharks before, and found myself in the middle of a school/pod/gaggle? (whatever the term is) of hammer-heads.  It was quite magical and they looked so beautiful, it never occurred to me to feel frightened.  I've sold all my diving kit now, but I would still love to visit South Africa one day and drop down in the water in a little cage.  It would be awesome.

8.  Swim with Dolphins  I've so nearly been there!  I've seen lots leaping along beside the boat....  I've even kissed one (though sadly I don't remember, as it was after a "booze-cruise", and even the photographic evidence doesn't trigger a memory).  I've swam in a dolphin reserve in the Red Sea, hoping that Flipper would come and play, but the crafty devils stayed tantalizingly outside the swim zone.

9.  Fly in  a glider  I've been parascending off a mountain, and it was the most amazing experience.  The total silence, and the feeling that this must be how a bird feels.  A gorgeous 40 minute drift down to earth - and one of the best experiences of my life.  I would love to go up in a glider and float around.

10.  Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army This has been one of my ambitions since a young child.  Be assured I don't want to walk all of it mind you!  Just a little bit would do.

11.  The Pyramids  I've been to Egypt diving, but didn't get to see the Pyramids.  Such a shame, since I've been fascinated by all things Egyptian since seeing a Mummy on a school trip when at infant school.

12.  Grow old with style and grace Please..... let me keep my teeth, my eye-sight and my hair!  Let it go grey in a delightfully silver way, rather than the grubby steel I strongly suspect will be the outcome when I finally decide to abandon hair dye (which will be far beyond any reasonable age - should I make it that far).  Let me trowel make-up into the ruts in a manner that doesn't resemble a startled hag, and let me only embarrass the children when I do it on purpose, and not as a matter of course.  Let me never stop having fun, but let the "dancing on tables when drunk" phase gradually out...... as it should have done already!

13.  I want to be a Christmassy person  I'm so not.  Loathe it.  Dread it.  Ba Humbug!  I would love to be one of those people that look forward to it, plan with relish and enjoy.

14.  Wing Walk  I'm definitely up for this, in a blood curdling screaming-like way.  Should the opportunity ever arise, and there's a little plane that can take my weight.... I'm in!

15.  Rally Driving  This is another of my life-long dreams.  Even before I passed my test, I had visions of me screaming around the track.  I love driving, and have spent years pretending on the country lanes.  Though my need for speed has calmed down considerably (I was definitely a "boy racer" in the past) a weekends driving course would be the best present ever.  Pity the co-driver.

16.  A day at the Races  Preferably Ascot.  I shall wear a knock-out dress and the biggest, daftest hat possible.  I will get spotted by the TV cameras for being a lady of ultimate style!  (in my dreams..... in reality, most likely to get photographed for knickers on show, or passed out on Champagne).

17.  Water-ski  I love the water..... and speed.  However, the lack of any balancing skill means I am never likely to be able to stand up on water-skis.  I will attempt this one day, even though I'm sure it will result in me being dragged along on my face.

18.  Canal Boat holiday  This is making me realise how many wishes are water based!  I've long wanted to do this, but have never found anyone else willing to go with us.  Yes, it would likely end in a stuck in lock disaster, but I want to experience it.  Needn't go far....  a floating pub-crawl with wine for the voyage.

19.  Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge  Of all the things I could wish to do in Australia, this is surely a daft one..... and I blame Blue Peter totally for lodging this in my brain. 

20.  World Tour  A year off, a round-the-world ticket, a ruck-sack.   Oh yes!

21.  London to Australia bus  Yes... you can!  Only just heard of this myself..... and can't stop thinking about it.  I would be a screaming hippy come the end of it, but what a journey?

22.  Peru  I have no wish whatsoever to eat roast guinea-pig, but I would like to visit the ruins.  I hope I can go whilst my feet are up to it!

23.  Walk the Cornish Coastal Path  I've done most of it over the years, but there's still some bits I haven't fitted in. 

24.  Have an Aga again  I have had three in various homes, and love them.  They become the centre of a home, and I miss mine terribly.  A reconditioned one will do!

25.  Route 66  Preferably on the back of a Harley.

26.  Whale watching in Alaska - if a lovely cruise is attached, so much the better.

27.  May I see my children become happy and content adults  I don't care what they do, I just want them to be happy.

28.   Silver Jewellery  I want to be able to make it.  I know what I want to make, my head is full of ideas.   I have most of the stuff too, but am afraid to start in case I am totally crap at it. 

29.  Let me have more patience!  Not too much to ask for ... surely?  Oh boy, but I haven't got any.  I am the queen of throwing things at the wall in a huff.

30.  Las Vegas  I want the glitz, the pzazz and the "hit me in the face" vulgarity.  I want the theme park on the roof,  the gondolier ride in the hotel.  I want to visit the Pawn Stars shop.   And the money to squander in the casino (never been in one in my life, and only card game I can play is snap).

31.  Grand Canyon  Looks awesome on the television.  Can you imagine what it must be like to stand and gawp in reality?

32.  Niagara Falls  I went last year as part of my New England road trip with my mother-in-law (a long diversion, but oh- so worth it).  The trip on the Maid in the Mist is every bit as exciting as it looked on Blue Peter all those years ago.  I want to go again with my husband, and see a bit more of Canada whilst there.

33.  French Bulldog I just love these bat-eared little critters.  I'm a huge dog fan, and have had several different breeds, including Rottweiller, Shar-pei, Spaniel.   My current baby... Phoebe the Bichon - well, I can't imagine life without her.  She's a real-life teddy bear and an absolute darling.  One day... I will have a French Bulldog though - I adore them.  Next time hubby comes home with an English Bulldog instead, he can take it back and change it (never again!  Poor Buster, he's loveable, but quite the thickest, impossible, smelliest creature ever).

34.  Bobsleigh Run  I am decidedly miffed that a group is going from my local pub in the next few weeks, and it's a men only group.  Why couldn't there be enough women wanting to go?  I would LOVE to do this (though at my current size, I would probably get stuck).

35.  Tiger Sanctuary in Thailand   Tiger's are THE bestest animal ever.  I've no idea whereabouts in Thailand it is, but it's run by monks.  Not that I need an excuse to go to Thailand anyway, but it's a good one.

 to be continued.........

I realise at this point I am never going to get to 100!  I've already done quite a few things that would otherwise have been on my list.  It's made me realise, that other than my travelling ambitions.... I'm really rather happy with my lot.  Other than an Aga and Motor-home I have no major worldly-goods desires (just as well - considering the cost of the one's I do want!)

Hmmm.  I've decided - this is a list I will add to as I think of things.  You never know.... I may even get to cross one or two off over time.  Here's hoping!


  1. Wow you've done so much already! You are one lucky and well travelled lady!

    I highly recommend the narrow boat one, fantastic!

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