Monday, 28 November 2011

Keep Calm & Crochet On

Tried to track this back, but original post is lost amongst scores of re-blogs - shame
Whilst Pinteresting about this morning, I came across this poster - and thus - another crochet blog post is born.  I've found quite a few interesting things; now that I've pinned them down, I wonder what the chances are of finding the original source...... or maybe a pattern?  Let's have a little look:
Find the pattern HERE
I love the style of this hat, and the pattern was found on the first click - if only it were that easy every time!  Beanie hats and berets don't suit me at all, but caps do, and I reckon the little brim on this would make it perfectly wearable.  Checking out the pattern details on Etsy (5 dollars - PDF download), it doesn't say if its to fit an adult or child - I can only hope it's for an adult from judging the dummy head in the picture.  It's wearing lipstick......... perhaps that's a clue?
Buy the pattern HERE
I'm loving the shape of this one.  It looks lovely and chunky, and quick to work.  Check out the size of the stitches - it would crochet up in no time!  I'm thinking dove grey, with a deep pink or plum coloured button as the centre of the flower.   The same designer has a host of other crochet patterns for sale.... well worth checking out.
PDF by TwoGirlsPatterns on Etsy
These are cute little slippers, and look fairly straight-forward.  The pattern is for adult shoe sizes - US 5-10 (which I'm pretty sure is UK 3-8).  I think they're quite lovely.
by Suzana Davidovic - FREE pattern on Ravelry!
This cowl pattern is winter perfection as far as I'm concerned.  I love everything about it.  The snug drape, the simple pattern and the edging.  I want one...... NOW! (and I will cocoon myself in it all winter).
pattern on Bigu blog - Mexican, with translation
Ok, so Babushka dolls (or whatever you may call them), may be a little "last year"..... the world's gone owl mad instead - but.....  I'm still particularly fond of them, and I'm liking these little lovelies.  Whilst I have no wish for a crochet bookmark, surely another use could be found for something so pretty?  The pattern is on the blog, and they're a sweet way to use up scraps.  Tree decorations perhaps?....... or a cute little garland?
by Carlinda Lewis - PDF pattern for sale on Ravelry
And for everyone still in the throes of a hooty fixation, here's a darling little owl beanie pattern.  This would look super cute on a toddler.  However.... if you're so inclined (though I would urge you to think very hard about it), the pattern is also available up to adult size.
Free! Afghan square patterns on CrochetMe
I love everything about this blanket.  The colour combination is unusual, and works beautifully - the orange with turquoise..... who'd have thought?  Gorgeous!  Some of the patterns are really unusual.  On researching, I have discovered that this was the result of a charity crochet project.  Brilliant idea.... and even better, the patterns for the squares are now all available on the blog....  Free!  So what's stopping you?
from pattern booklet by Annies Attic
I'm going to finish today with this gorgeous cowl pattern.  Isn't it lovely?  I've bought a complicated pattern by Annie's Attic in the past, and found it easy to follow - so I'm sure this will be perfectly doable too.  I love the shell pattern around the neck and face-line.  It looks so cosy and warm.  My only nark is the pointy end to the hood, I'd look like a pixie planted in fertiliser.  I think I would have to make a couple of plaits and little pom-poms to detract from the point.

So there we are....

until the next time I manage a little round up of crochet loveliness....


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  1. I haven't ever tried crochet but some of those projects are so yummy, it's tempting me to give it a go.


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