Monday, 7 November 2011

Grumpy Monday

It's been one of those days today!  You know the ones - where anything that can go wrong.... will.

It's no good me writing anything, as if I do it will be very sweary.  As I type the bathroom is in an intermittent state of flood, as my resident DIY plumber attempts to mend the toilet.  I sit biting my lip, doing my best not to scream.  Rather than write a sorry tale of woe - I shall attempt to put the mood of the day in picture form.....
Today wasn't even worth getting up.
(Though I did traumatise a delivery man in my waking moments)
I'm trying - I really am!
Have you seen the size of my panties?  I mean.... have you?
Makes no bloody difference
As long as the toilet flushes by the end of the night, I don't care
Haven't even got a bottle of wine.
If I had these, they would be plastered to my forehead.


  1. Bless you Jan....breathe deeply (and open the wine!!) x

  2. Oh you poor thing- I recommend you swear, kick something then open a bottle of wine! Hope it gets sorted ASAP!!!

  3. I wish I had those post-its for work!
    Thanks for making me smile this morning.:)


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