Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Frosty Noel

Considering I'm the least Christmassy person I know, it's a bit of a mystery why I entered a decoration swap.  I saw it on Twitter (as you do) and thought - why not?  Today, with a name and address sitting in my inbox awaiting a delivery, I thought I'd better get cracking and make something.

I'm not sure which one I'll send yet, but there's a choice of two.  The "Noel" heart above.  A red corduory heart, reverse appliqued behind a cream wool outer (I'll get rid of this huge blanket eventually!).  I've chain-stitched the wording using white Perle 12 thread.  The flowers are simply "yo-yo's" which I've stitched into the centres a few times to pull in to form petal shapes.  To hang, I've used a length of vintage brocade trim.  It's a bit big for the Christmas tree, but I think it may look rather nice on a door handle or at the window.  So..... do I send the heart?  or do I send Frosty?

  Frosty is about the same size.  Funnily enough he's also made from a piece of THE blanket.  I fear he looks a bit hypnotic (or stoned) with the blue button eyes.  His nose is red from the cold by the way, and nothing to do with the fact that I couldn't find any carrot orange thread.  I had just enough felt to make a little scarf.  Bless him, he looks totally bemused.

One of them will be winging it's way through the post tomorrow.  Which one do you reckon will be best received?

PS.....  I'll be making more of these snowmen.  I did a big batch of them a couple of years ago and attached them to presents.  A bottle of plonk - with "Cheers" as the wording.  A scarf with "Be Warm".
They are so quick to make.  I know it's really simple, but if you fancy making one for yourself I'll be posting the template, along with a selection of suitable embroidery words in the next few days.  A great way of using up scraps, as long as they white or cream.  And rather than a felt scarf, they look jolly lovely with a knitted or crochet one (which I may make a few of this evening, if I can locate my bag of yarn).


  1. I like Mr Frosty - he makes me smile :)

  2. Sorry Mr Frosty but I prefer the heart! :)


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