Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Design your own Snowflake!

Yes, it's a time waster and pretty pointless - but......  I've just found this snowflake generator online and it's jolly good fun....
 I don't relish the prospect of attempting to cut this out of paper, but it's a matter of moments with the mouse online - and then you see your snowflake falling in a little snowy flurry. 

Great for doodle time during coffee, and I bet the kids will love making them too.  (This big one does!)

Create yours here.....


  1. this is just the sort of thing i love doing. I used to spend hours making them during a very boring job years ago, out of paper of course as it was before personal computers were this good.
    Thanks for making me waste more of my time. ;-))

  2. Great find - I think my daughter would love doing this! I couldn't as I would get addicted to it... I'm walking away...

  3. made two - had to step away before making my own now storm :)


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