Sunday, 30 October 2011

What is it about Owls?

The world currently seems to under siege by them! What is it that's made the marketing gurus suddenly decide that everyone needs an owl in their life? Of course, I love them......... But........yesterday in town, I was amazed that every single shop I went into was selling an owl of some shape, size or form. Clothing, blankets, mugs, bags, purses - you name it, it will have been owl-ized!

My daughter fell in love with some stuffed owls, which were pretty but cheap-labour produced in Thailand and being sold at an extortionate price. (as were most things)

So.......... Guess what I was up to last night?

It's a no-brainer really!

A little bit wonky, but not bad for a first owly attempt. I cut a leg off a pair of old jeans for the body, and attacked the scrap bag for the rest. I didn't cut or pin anything, simply laid scraps on top - marked sewing line with air erasable marker and then machined around with a tiny zig zag stitch.... cutting away the excess with appliqué scissors. His eyes make him look a bit zombified, but needs must..... they were the only two large buttons I could find the same!

To allow him to stand up, I put a couple of tucks on the bottom edge, then gathered it all in tightly after stuffing. I finished the bottom with an oval of felt hand sewn into place. My version may be naive, but Sophie was delighted. She was so wrapped up in X Factor last night, she didn't realise I was making it. I even had a little go at machine embroidery on the back:

It looks as though it's been written left-handed, but it is at least readable!

I think I may have caught the owly bug! There's at least 1 or 2 more to issue forth yet..... Owl be seeing you again soon.


  1. Very sweet. What girl wouldnt be taken by a Momma who reacts so swiftly to her litte dreams.

  2. You are soooo blooming clever! I love the whole owl thing, before that it seemed to be the Russian dolls everywhere.
    I love your owl - so pretty. I hope your daughter liked it x x

  3. You must have earned yourself a whole lot of mummy brownie points with this one - he's great! I don't get the owl thing either. Your daughter must have been chuffed to bits

  4. thats so good Jan and so clever to be able to make it without pattern or instructions. I used to collect owls when i was younger so its good to know they are back in fashion again.

  5. Well, I LIKE your owl! And you are very imaginative!


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