Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sew nearly a Kindle Cover

I've had one of those evenings!

I know I need to crack on and make a few things in readiness for the Creative Connections CRAFTfest or my "stall" is going to look mighty bare!  I've been feeling shattered all day, so knew it was no good starting on a big project.  Then I saw this pretty cup-cake fat quarter waving at me - and I thought "Kindle cover".  I gathered together my sewing accouterments and began.  Now - I never follow any patterns, unless it's one I've made myself...... and I've never made a kindle cover before.  So I grabbed my kindle and measured it using my cutting board, and added seam allowances..... or so I thought!

I livened up the front by added two vertical stripes in ric-rac and vintage lace, then on the horizontal used another piece of ric-rac and a pretty piece of polka dot ribbon.  For the fastening I adapted a shoulder strap from a pair of baby dungarees (always picking up bits like that in charity shops and car boot sales).

For the back I used denim from a pair of the hubby's jeans which I'd hacked apart for a previous project.  (He's never missed them!).  To add interest I've added some scraps, including a piece of the selvage from the cupcake fabric.  The little girl holding the cat is taken from a vintage postage card which I scanned, reduced, and then printed onto fabric.  For durability and protection I used wool felt to interline.  I didn't use wadding as I wanted to keep the profile of the cover as small as possible, with a view to putting inside various handbags.  For the lining I used a pretty lilac flower print on white - which was once a baby's dress.  It was all looking rather lovely......

Until I slipped my Kindle inside and realised I had forgotten to add an extra 1/2 inch allowance length ways.  Dur!  What a shame - it fitted perfectly, except my Kindle looked as though it was trying to escape by playing peekaboo at the top!  Ended up a quarter of an inch too short.

Rats!  Not to worry, as I've found a use for it.  It's now sitting in my handbag with my spare glasses, hand cream and lip glosses.  I also know I won't make the same mistake again.... Famous last words!

So folks - if you're looking for a Kindle cover you know who to ask. :)

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  1. What a shame, and it's SO pretty...Glad you could find a use for it tho!

  2. Wow - its gorgeous! Wouldnt an ipod fit??

    Myapplique x

  3. You are very creative with your projects!

  4. I love the little embellishments you've put on the back. I've used this fabric in the past, it's so versatile isn't it? As regards the inaccurate measurements it happens to the best of us, put it down to tiredness, I never dare do anything when I'm feeling a bit jaded as I know form past experience that's when my mistakes are made.

  5. ooooh id deffo get one of them!!!! mind you it would have to house the cover mine sits in (I have a purple cover that might light goes on, so I can read at night!) that cover is wonderful and Ive never seen one before!!! :)

  6. Very cute! I am always in awe of people who sew. I'm horrible at it. Always have been. I failed home economics in jr high, when my teacher told me I could no longer use the sewing machine since I'd already used up my allowance of needles (I broke well over a dozen).

    So I go to craft boutiques and by my quilts and pretty stuff :) It works for me.

    Love the Kindle cover, but it sure makes a cute bag too.


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