Thursday, 1 September 2011

Photo-a-day Challenge - Day 9

Sun Spot!

The theme for today's photo was something yellow.  Now - other than lying in the sun, I don't really do yellow.  There was a rogue dandelion in the lawn this morning - and I did consider lying down on the grass to take a photo.  Sadly it was a bit damp.  

So I've been pondering this afternoon, wondering what on earth I could do.  Then I spied a lemon!

I cut a slice and placed it on top of my light box.  I wanted it to be a lot thinner, but my kitchen knives are appallingly blunt.  Therefore I have ended up with what could loosely be described as a wedge.

With my proper camera refusing to play ball (just why can't these batteries charge themselves), it was time to bring out the good old I-Phone again.  The finished picture isn't at all what I intended.  I envisaged a macro shot showing the fine detail of the transparent lemon slice.  What I've got is a blurry blob that reminds me of the sun - and you know what?  I rather like it!

 I'm loving the way the pip has gone red - I'm thinking (letting my artistic license run wild) that it looks rather like a sun-spot.


  1. wow thats a fantastic photo - Mr Mouse has an iPhone and they do actually take good pictures :)

  2. Looks really cool, a bit like a geode

  3. such a good effect Jan, love it!

  4. I love the photo, it looks all juicy and lush. I love yellow and I use my iphone a lot in photography as you can get some pretty good results too!


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