Friday, 9 September 2011

Photo-a-day Challenge - Day 13

Today's theme - 2 ingredients you will use in any meal today

Why is it - whenever the challenge includes food.... it just happens to be a rare day when I haven't cooked? You're all going to be thinking I live on junk food! Honestly - I don't.

I was out for lunch today, nothing fancy - just a cafe lunch at the local supermarket. I can only eat one big meal a day. I ought to be the size of a sparrow, not the ostrich I seem to be turning into.

In lieu of an evening meal, I shall be sitting down in front of the television and scoffing this! And due to the bad weather - I also feel a hot chocolate moment coming on later.

And just in case you're wondering - on the menu tomorrow is a Sweet Chilli Sausage Casserole, which I shall leave simmering away in the slow cooker. I may well break my record for including a mammoth amount of vegetables. I usually throw in at least 6 portions - but I have loads to use up before my next veg box delivery comes.

Days 8 - 14

Day 8 - Must have a 'triangle' in it
Day 9 - anything 'yellow'
Day 10 - anything fluffy but not living
Day 11 - A cloud formation
Day 12 - Anything beginning with 'B'
Day 13 - 2 ingredients you will use in any meal today
Day 14 - The theme of 'time' interpret it any way you wish


  1. Ok its just autumn blues! Tomorrow, back to green...kidding :)

  2. Ooh u have the Utensils jar in Cornishware by TG Green... I have the originals of the currant, raisins, bi carb erm forgot what the others say on them.... keep meaning to check out the new versions to complete the collection.. utensils would have been perfect.. I have utensils in my currants one!

  3. Mmm I think I'll join you for lunch, you could be my best lunch buddy!!


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