Sunday, 4 September 2011

Photo-a-day Challenge - Day 12

Theme for today - Anything beginning with 'B'

Introducing........ Bramble the Hedgehog

Okay, okay..... I know!
It's just that I took this photo last night and it's soooo cute.

A considerable amount of effort was involved in taking this picture. Firstly containing the dogs who went berserk when they saw it. I don't suppose I blame them; doubt I'd be too happy if I tried to cock my leg on it either. So there I am, standing motionless for many minutes in the Cornish drizzle, with camera tensed ready for action (almost KungFu like standing on a plinth - only I wasn't standing on one and there's nothing remotely ninja about me).

I thought about being clever and inventing a Latin sounding name that just so happened to begin with a B. However, after a half pint of cherry brandy jelly that's not going to happen anytime soon. So....... Bramble it is.

I know it's his name, he told me.

PS - do you like my bunny pic? This has been my RavingRabbit avatar on various sites for years. Very fond of him.

Days 8 - 14

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Day 9 - anything 'yellow'
Day 10 - anything fluffy but not living
Day 11 - A cloud formation
Day 12 - Anything beginning with 'B'
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Day 14 - The theme of 'time' interpret it any way you wish


  1. Loving the imagery in you description,Have a wonderful picture in my head of you in a ninja outfit! lol
    Bramble is lovely :)

  2. Oh Bramble is gorgeous!! He is definitely a Bramble, you can tell, he wouldn't lie to you :) It's one of my favourite names, when I was pregnant with my youngest, we used to call him Bramble Bunny in my tummy. So glad when he turned out to be a boy and we named him Bram!

  3. Hehehe. I'd live to meet a hedge hog. They are so much cuter than armadillos. Love your description, and the cool bunny picture.

  4. lol don't cuddle this one, and name started with a "B", lucky you :))
    The bunny is a cutie little one.


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