Saturday, 3 September 2011

Photo-a-day Challenge - Day 11

A cloud formation

This is my second attempt at today's theme.  (Don't laugh - this one is impressive compared to the first!)

Not so much a formation as a wisp :)

I took the first picture very early on, as it looked as though rain was setting in.  Thought I'd better snap the clouds before the sky became a solid blanket of grey. 

Two hours later, after deleting the original entry by mistake - I find myself trotting outside for some more weather monitoring.  Um..... Clouds - where have you gone?

Therefore, due to totally unsatisfactory assistance from the cloud factory - this is the best I can do!

Days 8 - 14

Day 8 - Must have a 'triangle' in it
Day 9 - anything 'yellow'
Day 10 - anything fluffy but not living
Day 11 - A cloud formation
Day 12 - Anything beginning with 'B'
Day 13 - 2 ingredients you will use in any meal today
Day 14 - The theme of 'time' interpret it any way you wish


  1. Wow I think its great I love the way that your eye is drawn down the image and fantastic graduation of colour :)

  2. Very stunning picture, I love it, well done x

  3. You got a lot of lovely blue and a bit of added white cloud. It must have been sunny that day.


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