Thursday, 8 September 2011

Autumn Giveaway Time

I'm more than a trifle ticked off with Blogger. My post of yesterday has vanished into thin air during the day - and I haven't been near a computer. It was the first time I'd entered a post using the new interface, and I was liking the way it worked. Shame I didn't try a short post first, but no...... dibble decided to do a long article didn't she!


Back to the old Blogger me thinks.

Anyways... I was thinking that it's been such a dismal few days - why not think of something to brighten the mood. Why not have a little giveaway?

Trying to be a little different - I've come up with a little competition. It's quite simple.......

How many buttons in the jar?

I've no idea myself, so it will be interesting to find out.

To give you something on which to base your guess, I can tell you I am able to hold the little jar comfortably in one hand. Also I have used a few of the buttons so the jar isn't quite full.

So.... What do you think? Are you going to have a go?

To enter, please be following my blog in some manner - be it through Blogger, RSS, or Networked Blogs. And if you can tweet about the little competition I would be ever so grateful.

The Prize?

Nothing spectacular..... I'm not likely to be in the realms of an AcuQuilt Go Baby anytime soon (though I'd do that baby proud I can tell you).

I have picked a little selection of 5 fat quarters from my stash, which will go to my follower who is closest to the correct number of buttons.

If by some miracle anybody does guess the exact number (surely not possible?), I will up the prize to reflect such an outstanding (sheer luck) achievement.

The competition will run until Sunday evening. I will announce the winner on Monday.

Hmmm - I wonder how many there is?


  1. "113 without a shadow of a doubt!" she said over-confidently. I read your post yesterday and it's put me off using the new interface but of course it id introduce me to sisboom. I hope you get your problems sorted soon. The thing is Blogger help is poor and you just feel so helpless don't you?

  2. Jan, I have an email update copy of your post from yesterday. If you would like it sent to you then PM me your email via 4orMore and I'll see if I can get it to you.


  3. I reckon there's 126 buttons in there. Have fun counting them!

  4. I was thinking 74 but you all are guessing a lot higher....
    I'll stick with 74.
    And I tweeted for you!

  5. Dang...I was guessing 157 (before I read everyone else's posts) so I'll go 158. :)

  6. Mmmmmmmm my guess is....... 147 x x x

  7. My guess is 89.
    Off to share the link on twitter :)

  8. I say 123 buttons

    I have been using the new interface for a couple of months and pretty much love it. I have had problems with the scheduling, it was publishing 16 hours ahead of the scheduled time but it looks like that has been fixed. I don't know if it can be changed in the settings somewhere but mine automatically saves in draft mode ever so often so you should have a draft version of it somewhere (clicks 'posts' on the left, should have all, draft, scheduled, published. Hope that helps a bit!

  9. 186! I have looked at the new interface but laughed (sarcastically) when it said it didn't support my browser! I have the latest version of IE!

  10. 188? Not even looked at the new interface yet. Still struggling to setup my new blogs

  11. And the winner is Em! Only 3 out..... there are 179 buttons in the jar (and one sequin which I haven't counted).

  12. 137. That's my final answer. ;)


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