Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I get home from work to find my blog followers have doubled to 21.  That is a BIG jump!  Thank you very much to those who have joined me.  Let's have a cake to celebrate.  Aren't they pretty?  Gosh - I love making cupcakes and they turn out looking quite professional - but these little darlings really are the bees-knees of fairy cakes.  They look far too good to eat...... and I simply don't have the patience required to faff around to that extent.  I wish I knew where I'd nabbed the photo from, as I'd love to tell you - sadly it's one that I saved aeons ago.  (I have a whole file of pretty cake pictures ready to send to facebook friends on their birthdays).

I really do hope I have visited all your blogs too, and followed you back.  If not, please don't think I'm ignoring you - it's an accident.... bing me, and I'll get over to you pronto.

I'm so pleased that Lily's Quilts came up with this meet-up idea.  It is so hard otherwise! 

Giddy with success at reaching 21 (it's actually 20 - as one of the followers is me.  I felt like Billy-no-Mates with none!)  I shall say Cheers, me dears! and go and replenish my wine glass.

Looking forward to following all the new blogs I've found.


  1. Those cakes certainly look pretty (and almost too good to eat)!

    MY followers increased by eight in twenty four hours so I guess we both won't qualify for Lily's Quilts next SNBMU! Congratulations.

  2. You are so funny! If I had thought to "follow" myself I would have, too! And how fun that you send pics of cakes to your FB friends. Good to see you again!

  3. I've added you to the blog list at the side of my own blog, so i'll always remember to read your new posts, and hopefully some of my followers will take a trip across to your blog too x

  4. Hey there, do you have a piece of that cake left? i found you on Lily's. It's so nice she was doing this! I hit 21 followers today, too. I Like what I've seen here so far and will come back for more (cake ;-)) See ya, Sana

  5. +1 makes 26! Hi there from Newcastle, looking forward to hearing about your crafty adventures


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