Sunday, 7 August 2011

These are a few of my Favourite Things

We all know the song... Sing along with me - and create your own version!

(I've missed a few things out.... well - let's be honest quite a lot.  My darling children... no recent photos - they've all reached that stage where they refuse to pose, may continue until they're 35.  Umm - cup-cakes, cooking in general, reading, gadgets, Aga! - ooh, I could go on.... but think the poetic genius :) would have dried up long before I'd finished).

Anything handmade, and artwork a plenty,

Applique picture - one panel from a garden quilt I designed

Skyscraper heels, boots and bags (more than twenty)

Yes - dreadful pic.  Apologies - couldn't face digging everything out for photoshoot!

Car-boot sale finds, funky jewellery and bling,

Cushion will be revamped at some point - Manequin from Liberty window display

These are a few of my favourite things

Hanger was car-boot find - no idea what it was designed for originally

Boxes of fabric, things sewing related,

(Before sewing room revamp - WIP!)

Craft online shopping and stuff I've created.

Baby blue carry-around machine - and my latest envelope needlecases

This is why I need to sort my sewing room - this is my dining table!

Dogs, cats and sunshine, rock music to sing,
Misty - a dear cat, who we believe was stolen
Bumble, Buster & Daisy. 
These are a few of my favourite things.
(All together now....)

Fresh-brewed coffee, fags,wine,brandy

 Gets me through the day

Snuggled up watching a movie with Si,
And everything's A-okay.

Fun time with friends, is there anything finer?
Gallons of mulled wine in Prague to beat the -12 chill
 Magic of make-up, lipgloss and eyeliner. 
Passion for Paisley, my perfumes and rings
These are a few of my favourite things

Cuddles with Phoebe, a few things designer

Baby Phoebe - bless her.

Shabby-chic vintage and blue and white china.

Blogging, and tweeting, and Pinteresting Pings,

These are a few of my favourite things.

Gothic boho, Camden, Soho

Makes me feel quite glad
Playing the fool and not acting my age,
And suddenly life's not bad.
Um - Early afternoon New Years Eve - wore those 50p Primark "must-have" glasses all day.
 I don't think Byron or Keats have much to worry about, but it was fun to think up.

I swear this took longer to post to blogger than it did to write and take the photos!  Honestly - sometimes it takes the fun right out of blogging.  You can waste an age, trying to get things to look right.  I do hope it's not just me?  I'd be very interested to know if anyone else has problems with posting.  My bugbear is getting halfway through a post, and suddenly it decides to take matters into it's own hands and start placing everything in random places.  Grrrrr.  I've given up with trying to get the print all the right size today, it simply won't play.  Stamps foot.  Heads off for coffee machine.  Rant over.


  1. What a fabulous post! And what a full and interesting life you have :o) Not a fan of heels myself as I can't walk in them - I totter around looking daft! Converse sneakers more my style! I adore the photo of the dogs - would make a brilliant card :)

  2. Thanks for the grin you put on my face!

  3. A nice read with my cuppa; it's new p**ing down in Essex.

    My bugbear with Blogger is the posting photos from a Mac (I don't recall the same problem when I used to use a PC) and being able to put photos where I want them and not having to have them all at the top of the blog and, of course, having to remember to upload them in reverse order to how I want them to appear. Hopefully the new Blogger editor will be a bit of an improvement, but it's early days yet.

  4. Great Post although I don't know the song.But I made up a melody in my head ;-) Cute Kitty! I hope it will come back to you!

  5. Oh I hear ya on the stupid random placement thing, so frustrating!! Especially if it IS a photo heavy post like this. You have my sincerest sympathies!!

    New follower from Lily's Quilts xx

  6. I write my post in new editor, switch to old editor and add my photos ('cos they will not add in new editor), realise I can't check my spelling or add links or anything there, wait till I've added the photos, change back to updated editor and edit my post! Blogger is not one of my favourite things!

    Your song was good fun though!


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