Monday, 8 August 2011

Storage Wars

Do you dream of having your very own studio space?  I know I certainly do.  In my dreams it is an oasis of perfection.  Acres of room in which to design, create and make my perfectly formed Cajame Creations.

I've even blogged on the subject before.  Honestly, if you want to completely torture yourself, just log onto Pinterest and search studios.  It's enough to make me weep with jealousy.

I know I tend to live in my own little fantasy world - but hey, why not?  Life is tough enough at the best of times, so why not indulge in a little innocent daydreaming.  My perfect sewing studio is bright and airy, with vintage oak floors.  A plethora of storage abounds - a white limed finish is my current favourite.

Okay - so the reality check is a little different, and a bit of a bitch.  Rather than the studio of my dreams (which occupies a floor space larger than my entire bungalow), I must learn to live with and love, that which I am blessed with. (or win the Lottery).

Bugger all basically.

Today was the day I intended to work miracles.......

All piled up and ready to go.

I started off in such high spirits.  In short, I have decided that the spare bedroom, with shoved in sewing desk, was to become a sewing studio with shoved in bed.  The alcove where the wardrobes once stood became just the right space in which to squeeze the double bed.  It means there's no room for a headboard, and anyone sharing has to know each other pretty darn well as there's only one side available for getting in and out - but hey!  Somethings got to give.  It's cosy, in a compact and bijou way.  Guests can lie there and gaze at my pretties. :)

Armed with a wide selection of storage boxes, I began the massive task of digging out fabric from it's hidey holes around the home and garage.  I soon found myself totally overwhelmed by it all.  Just where did it all come from?  I certainly don't remember buying some of it.  And as for liking it all - urm..... my tastes must have changed somewhat.  There is quite a bit that is downright fugly.  There was one moment this afternoon, where I was totally trapped in the middle of the room surrounded with boxes.  A flame-thrower would have come in handy then.  It all seemed so daunting, but I persevered.

A wicker basket has become the receptacle for linens, embroideries and lace.  Does anyone else have a penchant for collecting vintage pieces.  I can't resist them.  I have a large collection of table-cloths,  chair-backs and lace doilies.  It breaks my heart to see them unloved.  I'll do something with them one day!

The scrap storage isn't quite up to par yet.  I've divided them into brights and pastels, but am let down by the bags.  Looks scrappy.  Not happy.  Will find something prettier to hold them.

The blues have all been contained in one large basket.  As have the pinks, the brights, the neutrals and the downright weird.  I have also separated the fleece, felts, and upholstery fabrics.  I've also run out of boxes, which isn't such a bad thing, as in addition I've run out of space to fit them.

Okay - so this may look chaotic, but it IS organized!  Everything now has it's place, even if it has to manoeuvred around to get to it.  I'm totally in love with these paisley boxes - good ol' TK Maxx. 

I've even got room to sew at my desk.  It's been buried for months.  The hubby won't believe it when he gets home - we have a dining table again!  Perhaps now my main machine can see the light of day, I can drag out the embroidery extension and give it a go.  It connects to my lap-top, so in theory it could embroider anything.  I only tried it once, the hassle of changing threads was a complete pain in the arse.  I love the machine, and would recommend it - however I could have saved a small fortune by not being wooed by the embroidery blurb. 

Here's my little babies!  A spare machine behind - this was a car-boot find, and I'm yet to find out it it works.  There's also a baby overlocker (too afraid to try it - as the threading instructions leave me wanting to hyperventilate), and in the floral bag is my pretty little baby blue carry-around.  I've featured it in previous blogs.  If you're looking for something extremely light, or as a present for a youngster starting out - this little John Lewis beauty is really quite lovely.  Very simple to use, and copes with anything lightweight with ease.

All together now - bow down to the cutting table!  Oh - the joy to be able to keep my cutting mat out.  Pure manna.  I ordered a sturdy folding table from online, and it fits my large cutting mat perfectly - just squeezing into the space between the shelves and the bed.  I'm ridiculously excited about this.  I normally have to drag it onto the floor in the lounge, and then break my back cutting everything out.

All in all, my manoeuvres today have been partially successful.  Most of my sewing accoutrements are now fitted into one room.  I know where everything is and it looks fairly tidy.  Trouble is, there's still a whole lot more out in the garage. 

What I need is shelves on the wall, plus a miracle.

Should you know of a magic fairy, or failing that a member of the Ikea makeover team - please send them my way.  I could do with a hug from a hunky Swede right now.  And a plate of their gorgeous meatballs would be mightily welcome too.   I need a magic wand to sort me out.  I know darn well that Ikea would have managed to house everything in here, with precision and style.  HELP!!!!!

I still have tweaks to make.  I intend to replace the curtains with a roller-blind, and decorate the walls with lots of pretties.  I have a lovely metal-work hanger that will display some small makes, and I've ordered some printable fabric to create some moveable wall-art.  Once finished, it will look rather stylish - at least I hope it will.

Meanwhile, I shall stand back and look at the space I've created...... Hope I can find where I've put everything..... and seek consolation in the bottle of Rose wine that is chilling in the fridge.  Cheers!


  1. Well you seem to be well orgainsed now! I work on my kitchen table. I wish that I had a sewing room. I told my husband this week about an idea that I had about a building out the back of the house. He asked me 'when did I wake up?'

  2. Oh my word you have been busy! I know how you feel with the overlocker. I use my mum's sometimes when I'm dressmaking with a particularly fray-prone fabric and I always have to thread it at least 5 times before I get it right.

    Those boxes from TK Maxx are adorable. I'm tempted to go have a rummage but I'm saving all my pennies for Festival of Quilts on Thursday!

  3. Congratulations on your accomplishment today. It sounds like you need a blue police box (Tardis) for your studio...wouldn't that be lovely!

    I've found my best organizational friend is a troup of girl scouts! When my one shoe box sized scrap box gets filled, I put the contents in a grocery sac and donate it. It keeps me grateful If I can't remember what I have there is no use having I pass things on a lot..

  4. Well done you! Personally, I find it easier to create in a space where everything is in its place.

  5. Fabrics have been taking over my living room as well (I only have a living and 1 bed room) and I know how overwhelming cleaning up can be when the things that need to be cleaned have nowhere to go. I think you can be very proud and I am very jealous of that cutting place you created ;-)

  6. A cutting table?! Oh my, what a luxury.
    It's all looking pretty good.


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