Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Palette Print

For some time I've found myself rather in love with all the lovely colour palette images I find on Pinterest.  I repin them with a certain fervour, with no thought whatsoever what I may do to them.

Today whilst twiddling my thumbs and trying to find something to occupy my mind, I thought -

"Why not combine some of them into a collage?"

And here we are.  A bit of fiddling around with word, the addition of a few text boxes - and voila - an A3 print on canvas, all ready to frame.  It's come out looking really good, it's a shame the photo doesn't do it justice.  The print is crisp and clear, with the colours beautifully muted and toning.  I think this will make a lovely addition to my sewing room.  Now to find a frame!


  1. Thats really lovely, i find images hard to handle in word, you will have to give me lessons

  2. That would keep me smiling.


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