Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Katy Bag

Today my latest bag design is going to my friend Kate for her birthday - hence the name. I hope she likes it!

This is a nice roomy bag, with long comfortable handles - ideal for slinging over your shoulder. For the front pocket I've slightly gathered the fabric and channelled elastic through before sewing in place. To make the bag I used two half yards for the outside and lining, and a fat quarter for the pockets. To inter-line I used fabric cut from a bargain Ikea fleece blanket.... there really is no cheaper way to buy fleece - more than a metre of lovely fine material for just over £1!

Of course, I've added my "designer" buttons. I'm still very much in love with them.

For detail I've added a fob on one side, with a long fabric tie in a bow. With several darts across the upper third of the bag, the finished effect is slightly puffy. The inter-lining gives the bag good form and structure.

The lining is a lovely contrast. I've sewn a little cosmetic purse charm to the edge of the inner pocket as a final flourish.

This bag has been adapted from my favourite "Sophie" design. I designed it as I went along, jotting down the measurements at each stage. I shall definitely be making more of these, though I never do exactly the same fabric combination. It's important to me that each make is totally unique.

I'm deciding whether I should put together a pattern for this bag. What do you think?


  1. that bag is lovely! you should certainly do a pattern for it. x

  2. Found your blog at Lily's and looks forward to see lots more of your work.

  3. Lucky Kate! It's a very attractive bag.

  4. Of course she will like it! Excellent bag!

  5. I think Kate will love that bag.

  6. Yes, do a pattern, it's a lovely bag x


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