Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Gallery - Black and White

Aged tree - Tehidy Woods, Cornwall

I love black and white photography.   I adore the way in which it draws you into the picture.  With no distraction by colour - you simply focus on the image itself.  

For me what makes a black and white image so successful is the fact that it never dates.  A framed print will never clash with any decorative scheme, and a whole host of images can be placed together and look good.

A touch of green to add impact

Black and white is so dramatic.  It brings out the lines of architecture to perfection, and is the perfect medium for a portrait.  For me, it doesn't work with soft images - it's all about texture, shadow and hard lines - and making a statement.

Early morning - Alanya Harbour, Turkey

I was delighted to see that today's #The Gallery theme on Twitter was black and white.  I dashed off to the computer - and then was stumped to realise I have no idea where I've stored a lot of my images.

About the last time I persuaded middle son to pose.

Train Station - Istanbul.  Such a beautiful building

Unfortunately, these were all I could find.  I'm a little dissapointed - as they're really not the ones I would have liked to post.

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul
I'm now going to spend a pleasant coffee break travelling around the rest of the entrants for this weeks theme.  I now have the urge to go out and take more photos!


  1. I must learn how to get that splash of colour in! These have made me want to DO something with photography now rather than just point & click! Thank you!

  2. I agree - B&W is timeless and dramatic. That being said, I love the touch of green in the cat's eyes.

  3. I love doing B&W photography...I love seeing how my photos come out when I process them in the darkroom...excited and satisfying!

  4. Hi Jan, Well, these may not have been the ones you wanted to post but they are wonderful all the same. Great observations about black and white photography, too. Hope you are having a lovely week. – g


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