Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Drawing with Threads

A delicate Hydrangea bloom, captured in threads.

To create this embroidery, I have used a stamp to print the image onto fabric.

Using Perle threads to outline the flower petals and leaves, I have then added colour to the stitchery by "painting" in the flower using Sharpie markers. I used two shades of pink and a muted blue to give the flower head a realistic appearance. The leaves have been coloured with two shades of green.

Something of an experiment, I shall definitely be using this technique again. Working with the pens has taken me straight back to childhood, when I spent hour after hour pored over my treasured Altair design pad. Who would have thought ..... Colouring in for grown ups!

To embellish and add a little life to the embroidery, I have added tiny seed beads to the centre of each flower. It works a treat - however threading the beading needle left me crying in frustration. I couldn't even see the eye of the needle - let alone thread it.

I'm really pleased with the finished stitchery. Not sure what I shall do with it next?

Note - I am going to use a little artistic licence and include this as my entry for Day 7 of the Photo a Day Challenge.... Something you have sketched or drawn. I've drawn with threads AND coloured in :)


  1. Oh my, that is just stunning. What a gorgeous idea. Love!

  2. That's absolutely lovely. Was the stamp just the outline? It's very well coloured if that's the case. It would make a lovely cushion cover if you put a border on it.

  3. uau, this is a very beautiful work :)
    I like the idea of stamping the motif -half "painted", half stitched, lovely.

  4. I really love this and has given me some ideas - and definitely counts I whole heartedly agree you can draw with stitching :)


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