Monday, 15 August 2011

Handmade Monday - Designs on Fabric

What a morning.  Woke up feeling like death warmed up (nothing new, I am allergic to mornings).  Then, over my first cup of coffee and a swift peruse of early morning tweets, I discovered  
 An opportunity to find lots of other crafty folk, and find out what they've been up to.  I know, I know.... it's another time-waster.  But what a lovely one!  So, without any further ado - this is my handmade effort to join in.  And I've made it on a Monday!  (Am now left to figure out how to actually link along with everyone else - that may take me some time).

 Designs on Fabric

I'm a wee bit excited today.  

How many of us dream of creating our own fabrics?  


Albeit in a micro-printing sort of way - I now can.


I have discovered the range of printable fabrics from Crafty Computer Papers  Up to now I've fiddled about with t-shirt transfer paper.  This is okay for very small designs, but oh - how the stuff doesn't want to behave itself and wrinkles at every opportunity!  Now - I've a whole range of fabric sheets to choose from.  Oh the possibilities!

The sheets are available in A4 and A3 sizes.  I'm lucky enough to have both size printers, but was wary of splashing out too much cash in case the fabric didn't live up to it's hype.  Therefore, I've started off by ordering a sample pack of each fabric type in A4 size.  Some are washable, some iron-on, some repositionable (for wall stickers), and there's even organza and silk.

This morning's experiment has been with a sheet of cotton lawn.  ***A play around with a design package (much more of this later - something else to be excited about, and a great giveaway in the very near future.  Just finding my way around the design software, and it looks very promising indeed!) 

I placed the sheet into the printer with a certain amount of trepidation. ( Last week I attempted my own version using a combo of freezer paper and fabric.  The resulting mess - a definitely "don't try this at home" cry.  Took me a good half hour to extricate the tangled mush of paper and threads from the roller.)  There is no need to add fancy printer settings, the instructions said to treat as normal paper so that's what I did.  Okay - so I closed my eyes after I pressed the print button, and crossed my fingers.  You know what....... it worked!

One precious little sheet of .....drum roll please........ my very own designer fabric.  It's mine, all mine!
Featuring a grey check background, with fabric flowers, floral buttons, ric-rac, stitching and ribbon.
Not bad at all for a first play-about (and pretty darn marvelous seeing how I've only had one cup of coffee this morning). 

I can see such possibilities.  The A4 sheet is just the right size to make a needle case with.  With the sheets working out at just over a £1 each, it does mean you have to be pretty sure about what you're printing.  My head is whirring with ideas now!  I've a huge selection of vintage postcards which I can now scan and print perfectly.  I'm thinking text, shabby chic patches to use in applique.  Oh!

And - I've still got all the other fabrics to try!  I can definitely recommend the cotton lawn.  It glided through the printer without the slightest hiccup.  Will blog again when I discover how the others perform.

Whoop, whoop! 

*** I was asked if I would review a software design package.  Can't say more at the moment, as I need to be sure it works.  I downloaded it yesterday, and the early results are looking good.  Easy to use, navigate and print.  This design was my first effort, and I know I can improve on it an awful lot.  I was so eager to get something printed, it was a quick case of click, click, click, done.  In the next few days, I shall be finding my way around the software so that I can do a decent summary of it in blog-form.  Best bit about this....  There will be a giveaway of the software!  So please follow me, to be able to take part.


  1. I'm intriqued by this Jan! Would love to try it out, so am keen to read more about your testing :)xx

  2. It looks really good, looking forward to seeing the postcards.


    ps... tried to 'follow' but wouldn't let me, I'll try again later x

  3. How exciting to design your own fabrics! You made me laugh at your antics with the printer but glad that you have sussed it out :)

  4. Wow, I love the sound of the printable fabrics (my mind is already whirring with possibilities!).

    Thanks for linking up with us on Handmade Monday - lovely to have you join in. I shall be following you - love the look of your blog & looking forward to exploring more.

  5. Wow this looks really interesting I can't wait to hear more. I love the first sheet you have done. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I too tried to follow but couldn't. I will try again later as well.

  6. Welcome to Handmade Monday! Your post is just what I need. I bought a pack of T-shirt transfer paper a couple of weeks ago with the intention of using it in a sewing project but your link looks wonderful - thank you. The sample pack sounds like a good way to try it. Can't wait to see what you do with your fabric samples.

  7. How exciting to be able to print your own fabric.

  8. I have drawers of the stuff and just love to print a design and add to a wall quilt or handbag. Short of making your own fabric the next best thing, should carry a warning that it is addictive. The software package sounds interesting

  9. Oh my, if this means what I think it means, I'm totally enthralled! First, so glad you stopped by my blog. I have sort of a mix of stuff, lately mostly recipes, but I do crafts also when the mood strikes me (no cool etsy or folksy shop, I don't do anything well enough to sell!)
    I LOVE your fabric and I'm so happy you've joined us at Handmade Monday. This group is so fantastic. I'm in the US, but everyone has been so welcoming and this group of people has kept me sane! I'll figure out how to follow you. I don't sew, but my plan this fall (just sunk $$$ into a new machine) is to force my old self to learn to do more than stitch a straight line and maybe even follow a pattern. I do love fabric. Nice to meet you! :)

  10. Very interesting to read what you've been up to!!


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