Thursday, 21 July 2011

Moi - the Car Boot Queen?

Here at Chez May, we're not ashamed to admit we are totally addicted to car boot sales. Luckily there's lots of them at this time of the year in Cornwall. Unfortunately the weather has meant that most of the recent ones have been a washout.

We started hunting for bargains three years ago when we had to leave our home abroad and return to the UK suddenly due to poorly parents. Leaving everything behind, we returned with what we could fit in a rather small car. So, we had a few clothes and a computer each.

Since then, we have managed to furnish our home here just about entirely from car boot sales, charity shops and eBay. I'm quite particular, albeit in a quirky way. I've found so many gorgeous pieces of art, fabulous household bargains, together with brilliant jewellery finds and designer clothing steals.

Running seriously out of room now, so focusing on pretty fabric finds and unusual bits and pieces.

Came home rather pleased with today's purchases. Do you like my pretty basket above? There was no way on earth I could resist that lace - and for a £1, how could I leave it there. I'm thinking I may hang it on a pretty hook in the bedroom and store some of my scarves inside.

Hubby spotted this cute little salt & pepper pot duo for £2. I don't have a lot of clutter (too terrified of turning into my mother). It is totally restricted to my large pine dresser. Officially, it may have run out of room some time ago.... But I keep managing to squeeze another find in.

I so love this little picture. Engraved into slate and then painted, within a chunky rustic frame. I would have bought this from any craft shop, but was totally ecstatic with paying £1.50 for it.

Today's fabric hoist.... The skirt may be a keeper yet, but I'm definitely not going to fit into the toddler dress. I always have a root around the baby clothes, it's a sure fire way of picking up pretty, unusual fabric swatches at a snip. I usually pay between 50p and a £1. Most dresses are gathered, and can have pretty embellishments and buttons. Once attacked with the rotary cutter, it can be surprising how much fabric you are left with.

About the only thing I collect is blue and white china. (My husband would be screaming Boots and Bags if he was looking over my shoulder) I don't like Willow pattern, but am drawn to anything else. Spots, stripes, floral, nature - you name it, I've got it. I've already got a Whisky water jug, a pottery Gin dispenser - and today I've added this Brandy jug to the collection. It was £5 which rather pained me. Oh, did I mention we like quirky things? Can you see the date on the manky piece of wood....... It's an old cosh dating from 1887.

The pretty linked bracelet on the left was today's bargain silver find. I love silver jewellery, and have a serious fetish for bracelets - I never take 2 of them off. One because I can't! Squeezed on the bangle past my shovel hands (even half plastered with one eye closed my hands could never be called ladylike), and it's stuck for eternity. Quite frankly dreading my next trip through airport security. I'm always a source of irritation and dis-em-jangling.

This dress is going in the wardrobe until the autumn. It's knee-length, in black, cream and forest green. I'm thinking it will look fab with boots and long cardigan. £3 added this little number to the closet.

Finally, a pretty find. I'm a complete sucker for things like this. Totally impractical and incredibly pretty. A pretty bargain too - for £1.50.

So this second hand Rose has shown you her finds for today. She's now off out for a glass or five of wine with friends. The Watering Hole on the beach at Perranporth is our destination should you know of it. And should you see a woman with spiky hair and raucous laugh and wonder where she shops; for the record... The designer top was £3, suede clutch bag £2 and the fab DM sandals were an incredible £15 bargain new. All found at a car boot sale of course.

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  1. Oh my, I love that basket, and the flower hooks are gorgeous!


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