Thursday, 7 July 2011

Latest Makes

July is upon us - and I've been busy creating some summery makes ... All for sale soon!

I'm so pleased with these tiny embroidered buttons - awaiting supplies now before I make some more.

This is a definite one-off, created from 2 tea-towels I thought were just too pretty to be relegated to a life of boring old housework.

My shabby chic jumbo button - don't you think it would look lovely gracing the front of a bag?

Vintage charm needle-cases with wool felt pages. Each one is different, featuring vintage prints and charming text.

My "Sophie"" bag. I've had a wonderful response to this make. This is my own - and is my "it" bag of the summer. This one was a vintage curtain in a previous life. I just love it - big and roomy, and very comfortable to carry as a shoulder bag, or crooked elegantly over an arm. Available in two sizes, the smaller version is an ideal evening bag.

And finally my little fabric gift box. This was the initial experiment. I'm now thinking tooth-fairy boxes, with a little cushion inside, and the option to include the child's name on the side.

Oh - I can't go without showing you the fabulous fabric I found this morning. I can't wait to make bags from this little lot...... I can see them now!

Come on everyone - let's do a little sun dance! The clouds are very foreboding here in not-so-sunny Cornwall today. Surely a bit of group effort will do the trick? I want to try out my new zoom lens on my Camera - raindrops just won't do.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. I regonise some of those fabrics, i've bought them too! I love all those blue florals.

  2. Gorgeous makes! The bag is definitely a better use for tea towels than drying pots.

    Your Purina diet story really made me laugh.

  3. Wow! What a lot of beautiful objects - I'm very inspired :)


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