Friday, 3 June 2011

Foxhollow's Friday Workshop

Grab your sewing basket and toodle down the garden path with me.  The kettle's on in the cabin and the coffee is brewing....

Sadie and Anne are deep in concentration.

Whilst meanwhile I am out on the porch in the rocking chair enjoying a coffee, and making a fuss of Benji.

Humph.... I was beaten to it!  Diane and Myra have nabbed the table on the porch.  I'm just not awake enough in the mornings. 

All the ladies today (with the exception of me) are
making this bag...

It's a lovely design, and Elaine has already made several of them in different colourways.
Everyone has chosen different fabrics to work with. 

Bow Tucks Tote - by Penny Sturges (Quilts Illustrated)

Totally oblivious to the camera :)

Here, Elaine is showing the class how to create the bottom of the bag.

The class is a light-hearted affair with lots of laughter, and the odd mistake here and there.  Luckily Elaine is always to the rescue, and sorts everyone out.

Lunch is served in the cottage by Terry, who today dished us up a delicious homemade Lasagne.  It was lovely, yet we all still managed to find room for pudding.  (I passed on the trifle, but it was a big thumbs up for the apple streudel).

Fat and full we rolled back to the cabin for the afternoon session.  I carried my work outside to sit in the shade and pretend to look busy.  Everyone was cracking on with their bags, even the garden table was called into service for fabric glue.

I tried hard here to get an "action" photo of work in progress.  It proved impossible, as Anne and Barbara were determined to smile for the camera.

Opposite is Anne's bag nearing completion - I'm loving her choice of fabrics.... very summery and fresh looking.

Diane and Myra happy at their work....

Meanwhile - I'm doing my own thing.

I'm putting together a "Little Tweethearts" Sew Simple collection - all items that can be hand sewn portable projects.  Bit of faffing still to be done, but I'm getting there.  I'm loving the little heart-shaped

flappy wings.  This photo is of my lap quilt.  I'm combining fresh modern fabric with some vintage lace and ribbon, then throwing in a handful of buttons and yo-yo's for good measure.  Results so far look promising.

What do you think of this beauty below?  Isn't it gorgeous!  This is what's on the programme for the next workshop.  It's a charm-pack quilt and it lives up to its name - it's very charming indeed.

A combination of machine-applique, paper piecing, hand-applique, embroidery and fabric flowers - it's a real treasure... and of all Elaine's
quilts, this is most definitely my favourite at
the moment.

Here's the centre panel shown in a little more detail.  Can you make out the dinky little flowers that form the heart.  There's a piece of vintage lace in the centre.  Elaine has done all the quilting by hand.  (The ladies can't wait to start theirs!)

The workshops take place at Foxhollow Quilters in Cornwall.  Classes are held on alternate Fridays and are very popular.  If you are interested in finding out more - please take a look at Elaine's page -   It needs updating at present as Elaine has been badly let down by her technical support team (Me!).  It will however give you a good idea of the sort of things that are on offer, and anyone who does decide to come along will be made to feel very welcome.

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  1. Wow! I've not really tried quilting, perhaps I should give it a go. Love your little tweetheart bird x


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