Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Crafty Inspiration

found here
Don't you just love this poster - it's so simple.  I want it printed on a bag!

Over the years I've tried all sorts of crafts.  I've had a long dalliance with watercolour painting, a brief sojourn with cross-stitch....and have finally found my niche with sewing.  However, I'm still coming across new things that I'd like to try.  Are you the same?

See if these give you any ideas........
Tutorial on The Lovely Residence Blog
Isn't this pretty!  I've long admired the wide array of scrap booking papers available, it's like looking through stacks of fabric samples.  Scrap booking has never appealed to me - but now.... here's a way to show off the gorgeous papers.  It looks mighty complicated to me, but the effect is brilliant.

from Fine
These pretty tea-light lanterns look so effective painted, don't you think?  And how simple to do.
These wedding invitations are inspired!  Printed onto calico envelopes.  How great would it be to receive a letter like this through the post?

Gorgeous little apple lights.  How perfect for an evening barbecue to decorate the tables.
I'm loving this simple idea for a personalised gift - and how easy to make!
Tutorial available from
And I'm in total admiration and awe for this sewn tea-set.  I think it's fantastic, and on sourcing the original link I've found there's a tutorial for it.  Wonder what the fabric is?  It's gorgeous.
Finally - I added this believing it was handcrafted, but on researching the link I don't think it is. However....  it's got me thinking now.....   White fabric machined in red and blue to look like writing paper.  Mounted on a frame, with yellow fabric "post-its" with words of inspiration embroidered on.  What do you think?


  1. Oh I love the first one! It's great.

  2. These are some absolutely fantastic ideas! The apple tea lights are darling!

  3. Hi! Cute ideas! Just wanted you to know that the "When Life Hands You Hands, Make Handmade" poster IS offered on a bag. It's made by Nikki Mueller, a designer out of Charlotte, NC. Here's a link to her shop!


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